Alejandro Galindez: Giving the Gift of Fun

As a child, Alejandro Galindez discovered the profound joy of making others smile and extending a helping hand. Simple acts like helping his parents with household chores, opening the door for a stranger, or sharing his lunch on pizza day with a hungry classmate (despite it being his favorite!) all left a lasting impact on him. This early affinity for bringing happiness to people’s lives instilled a sense of purpose in young Alejandro and would eventually lead to his calling – the creation of the FUNGIV Foundation.

“The FUNGIV Foundation is a charitable organization that specializes in hosting social and interactive events designed to unite and empower communities while making the world a better place,” says Alejandro.

Through these initiatives, Alejandro has partnered with various do-good organizations and big-hearted people to spread smiles and hope to others in need. FUNGIV and its partners have hosted everything from Toy Drives with the United Way and the Chapman Partnership Foundation for kids during the holidays, to Beach Clean-Ups and planting trees with Miami Dade County, to Dodgeball Tournaments and Virtual Workouts to raise funds and awareness for the Irie Foundation and the Lotus House, to Lunch Build-a-Bag events that have fed thousands of under-resourced individuals.

Alejandro’s unique approach to philanthropy revolves around motivating people to help others by doing activities they already enjoy. He coined the term “FUNGIV” (have fun while giving) to encapsulate the essence of this approach.

“It’s similar to the concept of having so much fun you forget you’re exercising,” he explains. “The goal is to make acts of kindness an integral part of people’s daily lives.”

Alejandro considers his role at FUNGIV to be like running a regular business, but with one key difference. Instead of measuring success through how much profit was made, it’s about how many lives they’ve touched and the positive impact they’ve made.

“For me, the gratification that comes from helping others far surpasses any monetary gain.”

While the foundation is currently making a modest impact in South Florida, Alejandro’s vision extends to a larger scale. He envisions the organization hosting “give-back” initiatives across the country. Moreover, FUNGIV aims to establish a strong online presence, offering e-commerce sales with proceeds going toward charitable causes, providing education and training in essential life and parenting skills, and offering financial support programs to those in need.

Outside of his philanthropic endeavors, Alejandro Galindez finds joy in activities like playing chess, spearfishing, and cherishing moments with his family (especially now with his new 4-month-old son).  For Alejandro, life is a continuous journey of giving, spreading happiness, and making the world a better place, and he will continue to do so through FUNGIV.

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