Business Woman Spotlight: Zeina Kohli

As Owner and Operator of Las Vegas-based ZK Outpatient Rehab Center, no two days look alike for Zeina Kohli. Offering a full-spectrum of Physical Therapy and Outpatient rehab services, her firm sets the standard for personalized, one-on-one care.

Zeina says her career trajectory was inspired by her passions for fitness and healing. “I knew I was going to have a career in the medical field, “ she says. “It made sense to me to combine my love of fitness and healthcare and figure out a way to heal people through that.”

When it comes to Chronic Pain, there are numerous factors, which can motivate patients to seek help. Two major factors Zeina cites are injury and/or insufficient treatment.

“We definitely look into the history of the injury, and what has led to the pattern of why it is now chronic,” she says.
Patient-centric therapy to combat chronic pain that includes stretching, ergonomic training, and comprehensive patient education.

Zeina says a major motivating factor working in the Physical Therapy space is to serve as a proponent for traditionally underserved communities, such as minorities and the elderly. Oftentimes, these communities have a disproportionate number of people suffering from diabetes, obesity, and strokes.

“A lot of people [in these communities] are not really educated as to what physical therapy-slash-therapeutic exercises can do for these conditions outside of medication.”

Raised in both Nigeria and India, Zeina says her viewpoint was naturally shaped by exposure to inequality of care for certain segments of the population. She stresses having seen that Physical Therapy is a TOP priority for those in recovery, and she is proud to bring those services to Las Vegas.

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ZK Outpatient Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of services. Those include: Full-Spectrum Rehab, Stroke Rehab, Treating Amputees, Diabetes, Spinal Injuries, Sports Injuries, Women’s Health, Accidents, and Cardiac Rehab.

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