Can’t Find It? Fix It with Juan Rubio

The Las Vegas market remains scarce for buyers and investors alike due to low inventory and high demand. Ranking in the top 1% of agents in Las Vegas, Juan Rubio has a solution for both parties to benefit in current conditions. Rubio mentions,

There is a huge opportunity in Vegas to make a lot of wealth in real estate. Even though inventory is low, there are properties here that are undervalued. If you find those deals, there is a lot to be made as the demand for homes that are fully fixed up is high.

Rubio explains to buyers looking for their new homes,

“When you work with me, you can get a house designed to taste without the long wait.”

New builds can take anywhere from one to two years from the commencement of architectural plans to closing. Currently, many new builds are experiencing even further delays due to the shortage of transportation for building supplies. With so many shipments of materials back ordered, estimated closing dates have been pushed back regularly for the past two years.

 With Rubio’s fix and flip approach, buyers can implement certain upgrades to their liking such as customized cabinets, closets, backyards, sinks, floors, accent walls and more. If the structure of the property allows, buyers can even add or subtract rooms as well. All of this freedom in design with the convenience of a quick turn around on the project results in turnkey homes waiting for their new owners within a month or two, according to Rubio. He informs, “Buyers can get hundreds and thousands of dollars of built in equity when they buy these plans.”

Rubio’s recent fix and flip to a celebrity most clearly follows this flow. “My client got a house for $950,000. We put about $500,000 into it,” Rubio explains. As soon as the 3630 Tobias Lane property was sold to his investor, Rubio had his team draft the remodel and listed the home for $2.2 million based off of the renderings alone, while it was still being worked on. “We got it under contract within less than thirty days at asking price,” Rubio mentions.


  • 1952 Oliver springs in Anthem for $845k and is currently active on the market for 1.2 mil

  • 3300 La Mirada Juan bought for $1.33 mil and double ended it and will list it for over $2 mil

  • 3728 Caesar Circle: Got it $1.12 mil. Represented a Youtube influencer on this one. On market for over $2.4 mil

  • 7310 Falvo bought for $585k sold for $970k

  • 3630 Tobias Lane bought for $950k now under contract for $2.2 mil. (Celebrity Sale and article image is this property before and after)

Rubio has streamlined his fix and flip process to the following: find, sell, draft renderings, market, fix, flip, relist, and sell to the final homeowner. “More than half my deals this year were fixes and flips for my clients,” he reports. Many properties at auctions and off the market have great bones, desirable locations, and high square footage but may be dated and not so appealing to the eye initially. With Rubio and his team’s help, these properties become profitable for investors and diamonds in the rough for new homeowners. “We are bringing a whole new market to the luxury side of real estate, which I am proud of,” Juan Rubio, the wolf of real estate, exclaims.

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