Curing Cardiovascular Concerns With Care Featuring Dr. Claudio Bonomet

To say that Dr. Claudio Bonometti has a heroic heart is an understatement, as he has dedicated his life’s work to curing his patients’ uncommon cardiovascular concerns. Dr. Bonometti is an expert clinical cardiac electrophysiologist specializing in cardiovascular diseases and adult cardiology. As the catalyst overseeing the electrical processes of the heart, Dr. Bonometti holds great responsibility in restoring his patients’ livelihood and states,

“To be able to extend people’s quality of life and length through intervention is the most gratifying aspect of my career. I feel blessed that we now have the tools to safely and effectively cure a lot of conditions that used to be only manageable.”

Dr. Benometti works on adult patients, predominantly over the age of 50, who are oftentimes experiencing very critical turning points in their lives and his promising results reflect the absolute dedication and knowledge assured to every patient. 

Dr. Bonometti remains a top referral best acknowledged for diagnosing and treating cross-system illnesses that often affect multiple organ systems. Amongst his earned credentials, he is also a board-certified doctor in administering internal medicine to accompany the defibrillators, pacemakers, and a multitude of medical devices he equips patients with to treat heart disorders, including but not limited to arrhythmia, aneurysms, and coronary artery disease. Having over 25 years of diverse experience, Dr. Bonometti is professionally affiliated with Nevada Heart And Vascular Center’s many locations in the Las Vegas valley and other care facilities throughout the United States. As if a full schedule saving lives isn’t enough to balance as is, Dr. Bonometti enjoys writing publications highlighting new advancements in the field of cardiology, is ambitiously fluent in 5 languages, and has the expendable goodwill to repeatedly donate his services, teachings, and equipment to Nicaragua’s local medical personnel upon international mission trips. He is also a FACC (Fellow of the American College of Cardiology) and a FHRS (Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society). Sincerely, Dr. Bonometti is immensely appreciated as a front-line hero with global impact. 

To Dr. Bonometti, leadership is not a title one earns from acts of greatness. True leadership is a state of being. When asked about his favorite aspect of his profession,

Dr. Benometti shares,

“I am proud of many things in life, but nothing beats bringing a smile to my patients and helping them feel like they can live their lives again. I had a patient who everyone had given up on as she was 97 years of age with heart failure and an enlarged heart. I was determined to help and through a ventricular defibrillator implant and medications, she lived to 104 and remained very active in her community as a philanthropist!”

Those who have been in Dr. Bonometti’s care can not recommend him more highly for his proper treatment and outstanding personalized support throughout the years. To some, Dr. Bonometti is a skilled physician, but his actual patients would beg to differ that he is indeed a beacon of light between life and death.

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