Deal Her In, She Ready!

Tiffany Haddish talks love and her new look!

I’m not sure if blondes have more fun I’m not sure if blondes have more fun, but Tiffany Haddish is undoubtedly having the time of her life, lighter locks or not. When I spoke with the always energetic actress and comedian, she was loving her new do’ and all the momentum surrounding her career right now as she has one movie lined up after another. 

The latest called for less comedy and more chemistry as she steams up the screen with smoldering Oscar Isaac. Tiffany said when she got the script, “I was kind of surprised because I thought we were just friends, but then, oh no, there’s more to it!” There’s a lot more to her role in “The Card Counter,” which is in theaters now. She doubles down on the drama as “La Linda,” which stands for Lady Luck.

While the film is set in the world of gambling, Tiffany would rather bet on herself than at the tables, although she did tell me she’s got her own gambling nickname, “Tiff-nicity” because (she sings), 

I’m in the city, and I’m full of tenacity! 

Whether it’s singing or making a joke, Tiffany is just as entertaining in an interview as she is on screen. Lately, she’s been serving up that signature energy and sensational looks everywhere, from the Venice Film Festival to Las Vegas, where she’s shooting her latest film. The star also found time to clone herself and turn it into a comedic moment. 

Before Tiffany’s new wax figure was unveiled to the public, she decided to prank people at Madame Tussauds at the Venetian, delighting unsuspecting fans.

“You just feel like our friend,” I tell her, referencing how much fun she has with fans and how she’s always so real and relatable. “Thank you very much, and I am most people’s friend. I’m your friend until you act up,” Hadish says candidly. 

Clearly, Oscar Isaac didn’t ‘act up’ as she praises her co-star and how he helped her performance. “Oscar is just a phenomenal actor, so I was watching and learning from him,” said Haddish. Oscar has, in turn, praised Tiffany calling her “one of the most warm and vibrant people he’s ever worked with.” It’s no surprise she’s winning over co-stars and fans with every role as she seems to shine with positive energy that’s truly infectious. Her famous line might be “She Ready,” but “We Ready” to see all this star has to give as her talent is an entertainment gift to us all, and I, for one, am “all-in!”


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