Destiny Malibu Shines At Virgin Hotel Las Vegas

You may have seen Destiny Malibu’s face on billboards here in Vegas or in LA. Or perhaps you were lucky enough to catch her recent jaw-dropping performance in the Shag Room at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. The highlight of the night: her rendition of “At Last” by Etta James. You could hear a pin drop. 

“That was the best rendition of  ‘At Last’ that I’ve ever heard in my life,” said the sound engineer. “I was speechless.” 

Originally from California, Destiny often drew inspiration from the ocean. Now a Lake Las Vegas resident, she loves being able to live by the water, even in the middle of the desert.  

“I just can’t get over the beauty of Lake Las Vegas. The village reminds me of Europe, and the beach vibes make me feel right at home.” 

The Lake Las Vegas community has been extremely welcoming to Destiny. After losing friends and loved ones in the Woolsey Fire of 2018 (and narrowly escaping herself), Destiny was emotionally distraught. The onset of the pandemic, which began shortly after her move to Vegas, didn’t help. Her music would be a profound form of therapy for herself and those around her. She would often perform at yacht parties on the lake and live stream to her flourishing fanbase. 

Having overcome many obstacles, the topic of mental health is extremely important to Destiny. It’s a theme she often includes in her songwriting, the best example being her upcoming single “Say My Name”. You can hear it at the start of her podcast – The Destiny Malibu Podcast – which is currently ranked in the top five percent of the nation.

With performances slated through the end of the year at her favorite Virgin Hotels property, things are popping off for Destiny Malibu. She looks forward to hitting the road in her new tour bus – which she has casually nicknamed “Paradise,” – and playing a host of colleges and other top national venues in promotion of her fourth studio album. As an added bonus, her podcast co-host and sister, DJ Dezzee, will be curating the music in between sets.

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