Dominique Morales Shines With Cliqué Enterprises

Dominique Morales, founder and CEO of Cliqué Enterprises, is crushing it. Just five years after starting the highly successful marketing agency, Marketing Cliqué, in 2016, she has now officially launched her own health supplement company, Wellness Cliqué. Based in Miami, Dominique has been one of South Florida’s top marketing executives for over ten years, allowing her to work with a huge variety of businesses and industries – from technology and hospitality to fashion, beauty, health, and wellness. When she started Marketing Cliqué, her focus was on empowering other female entrepreneurs.

“I knew I wanted to create a safe and empowering place for women who owned a business or wanted to work in business. Organically it has become a woman-owned and operated agency with a genuine interest in the businesses we represent, a flexible partnership that allows us to grow and evolve with each brand’s needs.”

Today, Dominique is excited to be delving deeper into the wellness industry and helping to create products designed for women’s health. Wellness Cliqué’s newest brand, Budherfly, is a natural, organic, vegan, non-GMO, CBD gummy designed to relieve menstrual cramp pains, anxiety, stress, postpartum, insomnia, and loss of appetite. With three different flavors: Focuswings, Relaxwings, and Spacewings – Budherfly helps women reach the focus, relaxation and sleep they deserve. With a variety of strengths and monthly subscription options available,
Budherfly will hit stores and online this summer.

“I knew I wanted to create a product like this for my fellow entrepreneurs that can’t shut their brains off when it’s bedtime, or the super moms that need to do it all. With Budherfly it’s possible!”

When she’s not busy being a marketing genius, Dominique enjoys creative writing. She recently started writing a book series for children. The first installment, entitled The Truth About You, is a daily affirmations book for children and is currently available in Barnes and Nobles, Target, Amazon, and other major stores nationwide.

“These books are to be read and repeated by children with the goal of improving communication skills, listening skills, and speaking skills while creating positive emotions and beliefs within themselves. Positive words are absorbed by the mind to create a belief system and this series will not only include positive affirmations but also the actions to support these positive thoughts with behaviors.”

For more information, follow Dominique on Instagram @literallydomi or visit

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