Elevating Women: The Inspiring Vision of Joyce Toti and CWL

Joyce Toti is the visionary founder of Collective Women’s Leadership (CWL), a platform dedicated to empowering and advancing women’s careers. During the pandemic, she began posting daily motivational videos on social media, which sparked the idea for CWL. With over two decades of unwavering commitment to women’s leadership and professional growth, Joyce has firmly established herself as a catalyst for positive change in the workforce. Her passion for cultivating women’s potential is embedded in CWL’s mission, where she tirelessly works to uplift women across various industries, providing them with the tools and mentorship needed to soar to new heights.

As a natural mentor, Joyce recognizes the power of guidance and support in helping women achieve their leadership potential. She draws on her extensive expertise in diversity and inclusion, mentorship, and professional development to cultivate a dynamic community where each member is both a learner and a leader. Her philosophy is: When one woman’s leadership journey thrives, the collective rises. Joyce firmly believes that women’s empowerment isn’t just a goal, but a foundational principle on which CWL is built.

When asked about her motivation, Joyce says, “My motivation is watching other women succeed and elevate their lives as they achieve their goals.”

Beyond her role at CWL, Joyce is a devoted wife and mother to her son and three stepdaughters. She is deeply involved in charitable organizations, reflecting her dedication to giving back. She serves on the board of Crohn’s and Colitis of Southern Nevada and is a member of Nevada Women’s Philanthropy. She supports Nevada Ballet, and St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, a cause close to her heart. In each of these roles, she brings the same spirit of empowerment to her charitable efforts as she does to CWL.

Joyce will be graduating with an MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School this year and will be continuing to pursue a law degree, adding another dimension to her wide-ranging skill set. Her pursuit of legal expertise will enhance her ability to advocate for women’s rights and solidify her dedication to empowerment. Joyce Toti’s journey exemplifies the power of dedication, mentorship, and advocacy. By empowering countless women to thrive, she is creating a legacy where the daily practice of empowerment uplifts the entire community.

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