Entertainment Spotlight: Destiny Malibu

The singer-songwriter Destiny Malibu is recording her fourth album this year from which she plans to release two singles. “I am also working on a theme song for an animation film. I feel so honored to be asked to write and record [for it],” she exclaims. She can’t say just yet the name of the project but she mentions that it is based on a book. With this being her first animation vocal recording, Malibu is exploring her talent and taking on new challenges to push her artistic growth.

Now that venues and live performances have returned, Malibu shares that she also has a show being established that is in negotiations. Destiny Malibu’s Youtube channel showcases her official music videos, live performances, and home recordings of covers and originals. Her music can be described as upbeat pop with an EDM influence. Malibu’s top viewed music video, “Sweet Persuasion”, utilizes bright fun colors with an early 2000’s aesthetic for the set design and wardrobe styling.

Malibu was inspired by her mother to pursue music.

“My mom was the reason I fell in love with music initially. She was a very successful latin music artist and toured with Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Menudo. My earliest memories are of her at the studio,” Malibu recalls.

The music bug remained throughout her childhood and she was voted most musical at Malibu High School. Destiny Malibu is focused on creating her new show, recording her fourth album and the track for the animation film all while engaging her social media audiences. The fresh content and new entertainment media keep coming!

To keep up with Destiny Malibu, you can follow her @destinymalibu on IG and on Tik Tok and search Destiny Malibu on Youtube.

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