Executive Class | Keeping Up With Jared Garcia

Jared Garcia is a top executive in the nightlife industry in Las Vegas. He works with the best DJs in the world to create memorable nights for people visiting the entertainment capital of the world.  

He moved to Las Vegas about 14 years ago from Salt Lake City, expecting to be here for only two years. He started as a promoter at one of the Wynn’s top nightclubs; from there, he took on the role of booking top DJs when they had just started to become a big part of Las Vegas nightlife. Garcia stayed loyal, and so did his company as he moved his way to the top. His hard work has paid off, and Garcia was even featured in Billboard when he earned the promotion to his latest role as Director of Lifestyle Marketing.  

The nightlife executive currently focuses on DJ, celebrity, influencer, and model events. He was recently in charge of Sofia Ritchie’s 21st birthday, which she attended with Kylie Jenner and all of her friends. Garcia says, “it was a fun night, as you can imagine.” He is thankful for his job and the experiences he’s been able to create. He is well-traveled and has some important causes that are close to his heart. We recently caught up with Garcia to learn more about his journey and executive experience. 

Let’s talk about travel. Where have you been? We’ve seen all of your incredible pictures! 

“I travel for work, but it’s also a hobby of mine. I go to Ibiza and Mykonos every year for my job to see what the other venues are doing, to see what kind of production they’re doing, and to scout and see what new upcoming artists and DJs are around. Then I bring that information back and try to incorporate that into the Vegas venues. As far as personal travel, I have been to all seven world wonders. My next goal is to visit Antarctica, so I can say I’ve been to all seven continents; that’s the only one I’m missing! I have been to more than 40 countries.” 

I can only imagine that traveling to all these places has helped with your job? 

“It helps me out a lot when people come to town to visit from around the world. I have seen a lot of different cultures and places, it helps me connect with them. I can relate more, and I have better conversations with them.”

What causes are important to you?  

“One of the main foundations I support is the Tim Bergling Foundation, which focuses on suicide prevention. Bergling was a friend of mine, and it’s something I hold very personal.”  

Bergling was also known as Avicii; he was a Swedish DJ superstar. He died in 2018. Garcia also remembers bringing Avicii to a charity event that supported Keep Memory Alive back in 2014.  

What’s next in nightlife? 

“I think Vegas is one of the only cities in the states to have had all of the biggest DJs in the world that you can come and see. People would travel to Vegas, on a Friday they would see Avicii, on a Saturday they can see Calvin Harris, and then on Sunday, David Guetta. I think smaller clubs and lounges are going to come back; the generation that grew up with the whole EDM craze and the festival craze is getting older, and they like a different experience. I do think the big DJs in Las Vegas will be here for a while.” 

Follow Jared Garcia on Instagram: @jaredgarcialv 

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