Fashion Spotlight: Ethan Willhouse

Five Questions: Fashion designer, Ethan Willhouse introduces a worldwide movement through Professionally Lost photographed by Veronica Sams.


Inspiration for the brand?

Build a community. Unite us all. Open minds. Make a positive impact on how people see the world and life. Be there for those who feel lost. No one should journey alone. Let’s change the idea of being lost. It’s okay not to have all the answers or feel happiness all the time. Being human is complicated. Society is complicated.

We’re on a journey filled with mystery and growth. Let’s dive into a deeper, more metaphysical society. Explore consciousness and our place in the cosmos. Unlock human potential. Come together. Reconnect with the source/God. Create a society focused on peace, harmony, and the simple beauty of life and health. Embrace wisdom and eliminate ignorance.


Purposes behind design?

I wanted the initial collection designs to be fun, cool, and edgy. It’s leaning more towards street apparel but can easily mix and match with other pieces in your closet. The designs will vary based on the specific collection and what it represents.


What excites you?

A couple of things really excite me. Firstly, the future of Professionally Lost and how it can keep expanding, reaching more people worldwide. We genuinely believe there’s something for everyone here. We’re building a community where everyone can come together, find a safe space, relate to each other, and learn together. At the end of the day, we’re all one big family, and it’s time to act in accord with that understanding.

Secondly, personally, I’m thrilled to see where humanity is headed. Despite the occasional darkness, we have untapped potential and so much beauty in this world and beyond. We’re uncovering new things, but there’s still a lot to discover. It’s up to us to shape a better future, and I believe we can do it. Life is a gift, and once we truly realize how fortunate we are to have this experience, we can bring more harmony into our lives.


Plans for future drops?

We’ve got plenty of drops lined up for the future. Each one will be unique in its collection style, purpose, and direction. We want each drop to have its own distinctive voice.


Where can we shop?

Currently, we’re all online. You can shop with us on our website at or through our Instagram store @professionallylost.

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