First Class With The Hotel Boss

Faisal Sublaban, AKA “The Hotel Boss”, is a jet-setting gentleman.

Faisal grew up in Lodi, California. His father, an entrepreneur who owned a car audio and electronics distribution company, exposed him to the ways of the business world as a young boy.

“If I wanted anything he made me work for it,” Faisal recalls. “For instance, I would go with my uncles to flea markets and sell stuff in order to get a new pair of shoes.”

As he grew older, Faisal would learn what it took to build and manage a business. He began by flipping used cars in high school and college. After graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in finance and economics, Faisal would join Wells Fargo Financial and get into the mortgage and real estate industry. He would work there for several years, leaving right before the housing crash of 2008.


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He would move to Boston in 2009 and attended Harvard Business School. While earning his Masters in Finance, Faisal would be introduced to the founder of Bonotel Exclusive Travel, a luxury hotel distribution platform. He would join Bonotel and expand it to over 60 countries within 10 years, allowing him to travel extensively around the world. 

“In my opinion, the best opportunities to enhance one’s business are found while traveling. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world and visit some of the finest hotels, and I’ve learned so much from my encounters with other cultures.”

Faisal is now the EVP of Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment for Sharecare, the world’s leading digital health company. Founded by WebMD creator Jeff Arnold, Sharecare allows its users to manage every aspect of their health in one place. Sharecare recently partnered with Forbes Travel Guide to ensure that all 50,000+ hotels booked through its network have been verified to meet modern security and health standards.

“Coming from the finance and hospitality industry, I never thought I’d have the chance to work in healthcare. I’m excited to bring my entrepreneurial and customer service experience to such an impactful field.”

Having flown nearly 150 times in 2022 alone, Faisal Sublaban’s jetsetting days are far from over. He looks forward to a year of more travel, growth, and opportunity.

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