Icons of Miami: Simone Mayer

Simone Mayer is a passionate designer and entrepreneur. Her inspiring journey and her latest venture, Sanctuary MIMO, shed light on her commitment to creating impactful, innovative spaces and fostering a strong sense of community.

Mayer grew up in a design and manufacturing family. However, her true passion for creative work took shape after she completed her MBA at Columbia University and gained valuable experience working with prestigious names like Coach and Viacom. These experiences ignited a passionate drive for design and product development, leading her to start her own ventures. Alongside her talented partner, Mayda, Mayer specializes in hospitality design solutions, offering unique and personalized spaces to clients.

“I enjoy bringing unique ideas and value to the market and I find immense satisfaction in co-creating with clients and delivering spaces that people connect with and consider a worthwhile investment,” Mayer shares. “Design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about making an impact that resonates with people on a personal level.”

Sanctuary MIMO, Mayer’s most recent project, was born out of her love for Miami and a desire to provide a large, flexible event space for the community. She fell in love with a mid-century church in the Miami MIMO (mid-century modern) district and saw its potential as an event space. Her vision for Sanctuary MIMO goes beyond just hosting events; With the support of a dedicated team of industry leaders, Mayer envisions this space as a cornerstone for communal activities in Miami and a source of pride for its residents.

“I’ve called Miami home for over two decades. In all my time here, I have seen how necessary it is to have a large, flexible space for corporate and social events. Sanctuary MIMO has been my most challenging construction project and start up to date but I am truly proud of what it will provide to Miami and visitors globally.”

As an ambitious “multipreneur,” Mayer is eager to explore new markets with an open and inquisitive mind. She plans to partner with community and industry leaders to offer next-level events, host inspirational thought leaders and performers, and raise funds for charitable causes benefiting both the local community and beyond. This ambitious journey is one that brings her deep satisfaction.

When Mayer isn’t immersed in her work, she cherishes spending time with her family. To relax and recharge, she retreats to her home-away-from-home in the North Carolina mountains, where she enjoys planting, hiking, and experiencing the tranquility and freedom from life’s distractions.

“My family is incredibly precious to me and a source of strength and inspiration, but also an infinite source of love and warmth. Hanging out with my three college-age kids is always super fun!”

Simone Mayer’s journey in the design industry and her commitment to community building through Sanctuary MIMO are truly inspiring. Stay tuned as she continues to explore new horizons and make a lasting impact on people’s lives and the places they gather.

Follow her on Instagram @simone_mayer

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