Jason Alvarez-Cohen & The Spirit Of Popl

Jason Alvarez-Cohen, the CEO and Co-Founder of Popl, stands out as a dynamic and visionary leader in the tech industry, with a journey that highlights innovation, passion, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

His path into the world of technology and software began in his childhood when he received his first smartphone, an Android. This early exposure sparked a curiosity that led him to experiment with “overclocking” his phone, pushing its limits beyond what was intended by the manufacturers. This experience ignited a fascination with technology that would shape his future.

“I outsmarted Google!” Jason laughs. “Having the fastest Android in the world (or so I thought) really excited me and it was then that my fascination for tech began.”

Pursuing his passion, Jason chose to study software engineering at UCLA. He found building software not only enjoyable but also logical and fulfilling, particularly in comparison to other fields like essay writing or politics. It was the realization that he could create software and applications that others could find valuable which brought him immense joy.

After completing his computer science degree at UCLA, Jason briefly worked at Boeing. Although he found working alongside intelligent and experienced colleagues stimulating, the repetitive nature of the job left him feeling stagnant. It was during this time that he recognized his potential to create impactful software. This realization led him to experiment with side projects, combining his technical skills with a deep curiosity about the world. In 2019, a chance encounter with an NFC (near field communication) device at a party in the Hollywood Hills became the spark that would eventually lead to the creation of Popl.

“NFC devices, like a Popl card, use near field communication technology to share information by just tapping a phone,” Jason enthuses. “Discovering that tap-to-share technology was the spark that has turned into what Popl is today.”

Popl embodies Jason’s innovative spirit. He finds immense fulfillment in various aspects of his work with Popl, including learning new things every day, traveling the world to meet customers, networking with diverse individuals, and fostering a strong team culture. He is particularly passionate about the learning process and believes in the importance of continuous personal and professional growth.

Jason finds motivation in the positive impact that Popl has had on millions of its users. The close-knit team at Popl, which he considers akin to a family, further fuels his enthusiasm and desire to reach future company milestones. With around 50 full-time members, he sees limitless potential for Popl’s growth and is passionate about leading the company toward significant milestones.

“That limitless potential is what gets members so passionate about what we are building,” says Jason. “It’s addictive to achieve company and revenue milestones and then collaborate towards the next ones, and we’re just getting started.”

Looking ahead, Jason Alvarez-Cohen envisions Popl either going public through an IPO or being acquired by another tech company that aligns with its vision within the next five years. His leisure time reflects his adventurous and social nature, as he enjoys meeting new people, traveling, scuba diving, playing piano, reading, and engaging in various outdoor activities. His journey from a curious child with an Android phone to the CEO of a pioneering tech company illustrates the power of passion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.

For more information, visit popl.co | Follow Jason on IG @jasonalco

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