Listing In Bel Air & Beyond With Amanda Lynn

Rising industry powerhouse, Amanda Lynn, is no stranger to high-quality content production. While many take years working their way up to the status quo in real estate, Ms. Lynn’s fascinating fashion-forward personality and attention to the finer details in design fit cohesively into a dynamic recipe for success with her real estate career in Los Angeles.

In synergy with Lynn’s philosophy to experience the extravagance in all her endeavors, she is naturally ordaining the co-listing 1518 Bel Air Road, a $15,750,000 property of popular demand that boasts of gorgeous grand architecture, cutting edge modern monoliths, and an array of textures and semi-precious stones that complement the fresh interior palate. It is newly renovated and fully furnished, customized with sprawling 21-foot floor to ceiling cut glass and an oversized 70-foot sparkling swimming pool that flirts with the midday sun. The listing successfully sold at $15 million dollars.


Lynn shares, “The mansion itself is super spacious and larger on the inside than it is on the outside, somehow! It is private and perfect for hosting hundreds of guests and can be utilized as an entertainment venue because it conveniently houses an elevator for extra accommodations and luggage transport. I love how one can enjoy nature and hear the birds chirping on the lawn, all while being a few minutes away from one of the most prominent streets in Los Angeles, which is a huge selling point that captures the heart of potential homeowners.”


Lynn’s business and particular clientele come with a fair share of challenges, such as the recent shortage of homes and demand for those listed at the five million mark. “Potential buyers often form lines around the blocks to view a house and most properties don’t stay on the market for more than two weeks.” Lynn acknowledges an explosive trend of purchasing homes over the internet and sees it as a direct result of social media platforms and influencer collaborations, as many are working and browsing from home. With real estate photos, videos, and virtual tours being the initial eye-candy of attraction for potential interest, Lynn looks forward to expanding her online presence with upcoming projects and international alliances debuting in Dubai and Italy.

Many acknowledge Amanda’s “it factor” and when asked what it takes to be successful, she replied, “There are so many ways to define success. You can succeed in life, in business, in faith, and financially, but to me, the most meaningful way to achieve success is by utilizing humble beginnings, drive, and unwavering determination to create the life of your dreams. At the end of the day, I am just a girl with big dreams that I have to make real.” Surely for Lynn, fortune favors the bold.

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