Michele Sullivan Peers Ahead Of Real Estate

When it comes to luxury real estate, Michele Sullivan is in a league of her own.

Licensed in 1999, Michele has consistently been Vegas’ top producer for American brokerage Berkshire Hathaway. Now, in 2022, she is branching out and partnering with the biggest name in international realty, Sotheby’s.

“From day one my goal has been to make every home buyer’s experience extraordinary and luxurious, and Sotheby’s is synonymous with luxury.”

Michele is known for producing super high quality videos, or “property trailers” as she calls them, showcasing her clients’ luxury homes. With the help of social media, Michele is able to quickly share her amazing content with thousands of potential buyers.

“The goal with luxury real estate marketing is to get the property in front of as many people as possible. Social media allows me to do that easily.”

Today’s buyer demographic is mostly young people who have become successful in tech, specifically YouTubers and cryptocurrency gurus, who are used to online interactions and transactions. It’s no wonder that traditional forms of marketing, like open-houses, are becoming a thing of the past.

“I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to move properties. My ability to adapt is what makes me the best in the business.”

Michele is extremely excited for this new chapter in her career. As of November 2021, Sotheby’s is now affiliated with Concierge Auctions, the leading global luxury real estate auction marketplace. As a new member of the Sotheby’s family, Michele will gain access to a vast network of high-net-worth clients. She will also be able to expand her reach from within her main headquarters of Las Vegas and Southern California, to the entire world.

“I aim to do what’s in the best interest of my clients. Sotheby’s resources and technology allow me to have a bigger outreach and more tools at my disposal.”

Another exciting venture for Michele is digital real estate. She is Vegas’ first woman to sell real estate in the Metaverse! Along with Montauk’s Dylan Eckardt and Los Angeles’ Tai Savet, Michele recently opened Metaverse Brokerage Ouse Inc., a virtual real estate company selling luxury 3D Real Estate NFTs. Ouse Inc. is the parent company and creator of the OUSE Token, a meme token launched in 2021 to bring attention to the OUSEland Metaverse project.

A recent report by crypto asset manager Grayscale estimates the digital world may grow into a $1 trillion business in the near future. At this stage in her career, Michele Sullivan is ready for whatever the world – physical or digital – sends her way.

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