Note From The Publisher Issue 18 | Timothy Hancock

Sanctuary State-Of-Mind

Close your eyes and start to imagine your highest self. Now start showing up like that.

The steps we take to achieve our inner sanctuary is just as important as physically finding one. In our world, change is demanded so much from everyone directly in front of us; the question is, have we each honestly examined ourselves internally? Before we can expect the highest self from others in our world, we have to start there.

How does one imagine their highest self?

I can speak for myself when I say that I’ve seen the type of people that truly inspire me. Characters in my life that truly and deeply leave me shook in awe to my core. I am then reminded of how connected we have to be to see these identities revealed in others, enough to know what the best of humanity can be. If I simply describe five of those examples with one unique word for each, I’ll arrive at five identities my higher self refuses to ignore.


For me, those five life-changing examples articulate these words: peaceful, focused, loving, forgiving, and patient. And just like that, my higher self has an unshakable identity.

Showing up is a heart choice.

The goal is to wake up every morning and navigate each thought with those identities on the corners of the heart’s compass. By choice, we can then consistently use each corner of our higher self’s compass on the daily journey. If we imagine the north is peaceful, south is patient, east and west are focused and forgiving. Then one identity remains essential for true north — loving. Showing up as your highest self consistently tunes your heart to the compass that leads to your inner sanctuary.

If you are good inside, you will authentically be good to everyone around you. We have to start there.


Timothy Hancock

– Publisher

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