Panorama from Haus Of Design

This stunning mid-century modern space was curated for a third-story edition in Laguna Beach, overlooking the ocean. For this Master bedroom, bath, and closet suite, the “Haus” team went for a neutral, Zen, Mid-Century twist.

Elevated design components can transform a home into a sanctuary. Whether they are luxurious, gilded, modern, or eclectic—simple features and finishes pieced together by a true artist’s eye can be transformed into a glossy, cohesive luxury space.

For Nicole Perrault, Owner/Principal Designer of Newport-based “Haus Of Design”, these dazzling luxury makeovers fuel her creativity and whet her appetite for transformative projects. The design firm offers a full-spectrum portfolio of services, including residential, commercial, and hospitality design.

Perrault says she gets inspiration from travel, being outside, and restaurants she has been to. She also says she is highly tactile—and always has textures in mind.

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