Revenge MD: Winter Immunity Boost With IV Drip Therapy

Health, wellness, and boosting immunity have all been of special interest recently. As a response to the increasing concern, Revenge MD Medical Clinic has tailored a special supplemental mineral and vitamin treatment, the Presidential VIP Immunity Drip series. This treatment helps patients to increase the absorption of vitamin C and zinc, which improves their immunity and overall well-being. Additional benefits, as mentioned by the clinic’s CEO, Sandra Bledsoe, include anti-aging, increased athletic performance, enhanced brain function, hangover relief, and beautification. Bledsoe, informs, “An immediate boost to the immune system can help to ward off colds, flus, and COVID. The president recovered so quickly because he was doing a series of IV drips a day that included high levels of vitamin c and zinc.”

While oral supplementation may help increase immunological defenses, Bledsoe specifies, “With [oral] supplements, we have a tendency to discard [a vast amount] through the urinary system. With IV therapy, we get 100% flushed through the vascular system.” When analyzing the body’s absorption abilities of vitamin C specifically, “At doses above 1 g/day, absorption falls to less than 50% and absorbed, unmetabolized ascorbic acid is excreted in the urine,” according to the National Institutes of Health. Scientific evidence also supports a strong correlation between stress and decreased immune system function. Bledsoe mentions, “When in a state of unrest, stress is a part of our daily lives.” Now is the time to take preventative measures to ensure optimal health this winter season.

For those that may have apprehensions to receive services during such a time, Bledsoe encourages, “We are a highly COVID protected clinic. We follow CDC standards of protection from the governor’s office and we adhere to [CDC guidelines]. We also have a full-time medical provider on the premise at all [operating hours].” Bledsoe receives IV therapy herself once a week and shares, “I want to keep my immune system at peak performance. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes and our nurses are so skilled. [Our] drips are for all ages and body types.” As a medical clinic, Revenge MD is considered an essential business and remains open regardless of shutdowns.

While receiving treatment, Bledsoe advises clients to, “watch their favorite show or listen to their favorite music or podcast in the luxury setting of the Stirling Club or the Henderson location with a relaxed lounge environment.” Prices range from $185-$285. Discounts are provided with the BFF and partner protection packages. Additional holiday specials on other treatments include hormone therapy, weight loss treatment, and injectables of botox and botox like products. Our readers who have learned about these treatments through our articles can receive 20% off by providing the code “Deluxe Special” at the time of scheduling appointments.

To learn more, visit and call or text 702-218-1083

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