Rising Star: Emily Van Giezen

International Real Estate and Marketing Extraordinaire

Heavy demand for technology has become more prominent in real estate marketing and operations. Emily Van Giezen, real estate broker and entrepreneur, has been ahead of the curve by heavily incorporating digital solutions for her business since its inception. Licensed in Massachusetts and Nevada, Van Giezen concentrates on the luxury markets of Cape Cod and Las Vegas. She conducts business bicoastally, yet has a global reach to arrange and close real estate deals internationally with the network she has amassed.

Van Giezen explains, “In Cape Cod, we have a lot of clients that come from the west coast, NYC, and New Jersey…Cape Cod is [predominantly] a second home market. My goal is to be the point [of contact] for [potential and existing] clients to agents and professionals that I trust.”  She specifies, “The core of my focus is sellers, I want to market all of the luxury listings.” Clients who may be searching for a second home in Cape Cod, sellers of luxury properties, and other real estate professionals are all essential to Van Giezen’s collaborative mode of operating.

As a Sotheby’s International RealtyⓇ (SIR) agent, Van Giezen informs us how she maximizes her innovative approach in tandem with SIR’s long-established methods: 

“In the height of the pandemic during a shelter in place, I was booming. I had already [implemented] the technology that buyers and sellers need. When most agents were enjoying free time at home, I was working twelve-hour days and most of it was digital. I produce marketing and media [content] to rapidly expand and develop my network through social media…[which] showcases the reach that I have to my sellers. I’m able to leverage SIR’s marketing with my social media. Not only are sellers getting innovative marketing concepts [from me], but also proven marketing strategies from SIR.”

When asked about her main motivation for pursuing real estate, she recalls witnessing her father build two successful businesses during her upbringing. She shares, “My dad was a huge inspiration to me. I wanted to experience entrepreneurship so I became licensed [in real estate]. Six years later, I have worked on some of the most notable sales in my area.” Van Giezen continuously proves to be a magnet for success.  With her business expanding within the marketing and real estate fields, Emily Van Giezen optimizes her talents and strengths to best serve the communities and clients she works with.

To learn more, visit @emilyvangiezen on Instagram

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