Rising Star: Guinwa Zeineddine

She didnt ever expect to be an influencer, in fact, she didnt even like the word, but TV host and content creator, Guinwa Zeineddine took off… and now shes on top of the world!

Zeineddine won the title of Miss Arab USA in 2014 while still in college. She planned to be a doctor, but then realized how much she loved helping people with her humanitarian efforts and sharing her lifestyle with the world. She also enjoyed empowering other Arab women. 

Zeineddine moved to Las Vegas when she was 16-years-old from the United Arab Emirates. Her journey in America has been one of discovery, love, and hard work. 

She was a natural television host that got work in California, hosting a two-hour show on Sundays. She would drive there and back every single weekend just to make it work. She loved hosting and journalism but says, I enjoyed being a storyteller based on my terms, rather than another stations terms, and I saw that everything I was doing whether it was on my blog, creating content on Instagram or my YouTube channel, was pretty much everything that Im doing as a TV host but its with my rules and my taste and what I like to do, without pressure to submit things at a certain time.” Zeineddine had created a following from her Miss Arab USA title, TV hosting, and red carpet interviews and realized she was influencing others… and that actually felt good. Thats when Zeineddine embraced being an influencer.

She was planning to get married and knew she had to take her influencer status seriously, and decided to start her own YouTube series and lifestyle blog. She created an original show online called, My Big Arab American Wedding,” and the views rolled in. The show followed her and her husband on a journey to plan a wedding that included their culture and traditions.

Zeineddine says, it was a big hit, it helped grow my audience, we got so much exposure from different news channels and media outlets both internationally and locally, thats kind of when my blog really took off, and I knew I was going to do it full time.” 

Shortly after Zeineddine got married, she was pregnant. Everything was happening quickly and she knew she had so many dreams and goals she still wanted to fulfill. She says, as I was pregnant, I took it upon myself to start an influencer conference in Las Vegas for local influencers to provide them with inspiration and education that they need to keep thriving and growing in the industry.” The conference is called The Influencer Lab. Zeineddine was 7 months pregnant when she hosted it, I actually partnered up with Nordstrom, we had a lot of great brands there, we had Foreo, we had Dior, we had great speakers that I booked from out of state that came in.” That conference was a huge success and they decided to do it annually. 

Zeineddine is now pregnant with baby number two! She says with COVID and a baby on the way her plans to continue working on TV as a journalist completely changed, it totally shifted me and my business to something that is completely digital, now I’m working on producing another show where we are actually building a custom, modern home thats about 10,000 square feet so Im currently working on directing and producing a YouTube series around that.” 

It doesnt stop there. The busy mom, wife, businesswoman, and influencer is now working on launching an e-commerce business, “it’s going to be a lifestyle brand with different products launching at different times, so thats whats keeping me busy right now.” 

You can find everything about Guinwa Zeineddines life, shows, projects… and soon, her lifestyle brand, on her blog guinwa.com.

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