Sandra Bledsoe On Anti-Aging & Wellness

– By Danica Serena Stockton

Primarily servicing the Las Vegas and Reno regions of Nevada, Sandra Bledsoe develops businesses centered around anti-aging and medical wellness. Her company, Revenge MD, trains and hires medical professionals that specialize in weight loss, hormone balance solutions, botox, and PDO thread lifts. She hopes to inspire women and men alike to “transform and improve their confidence” with her help and the help of trained professionals.


When asked about the history of her involvement in the industry, she explains, “for the past ten years, aesthetic balancing has been the roots and over the last five years, aesthetic contouring through botox fillers….Now we are the leading experts for PDO threading.”


Many patients request bioidentical hormone replacement, which Bledsoe says, “is specifically geared to precision. It’s more than throwing testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen in the system, [but rather], done specifically by blood work [determining] levels that you’re low in.” She continues, “this gives the body what it needs in exact dosages to make you feel energetic and sexual,” while also improving, “brain function and skin elasticity.” She mentions how this solution, “specializes in not only looking good on the outside but feeling good on the inside. This is a way to keep the body working at optimum efficiency and appearance.”

Bledsoe finds her work rewarding. She says, “it’s extremely gratifying….seeing [patients] transform, improve their confidence, and relay better with others [as a result of] enhancing the way they look and feel.” She continues, “My goal is to give a patient the best customer service, results-oriented, so when they walk out of the office they feel better and treat people better.” She values, “building business around qualities that help people feel better and improve their lives. It gives me the greatest job satisfaction and establishes purpose.”


“When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you treat others better.” –Sandra Bledsoe


Sandra Bledsoe intends to expand Revenge MD to several west coast cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. To learn more, visit and follow @revenge_md.


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