Robyn Riedlinger: Speaking in the Spotlight

Robyn Riedlinger is a Charlotte, North Carolina based Business and Speaker Coach, CEO of ‘Your Signature Talk,’ and Creator of the ‘One Presentation Away Online Speaker Program.’ She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and professionals own the stage with their signature talks, particularly on platforms like TEDx and international conferences.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Robyn earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Project Management from Columbia Southern University. Her speaking journey began with her role as an office manager at a speech therapy company, where she learned the basics of team building and networking while hosting annual company events. While setting up venues for annual company events she would often envision herself on stage, but a lack of leverage early on kept her from making the dream a reality.

Undeterred, Robyn would take a job as an analyst with Duke Energy Corporation, facilitating workshops for people in management roles and preparing them for presentations. During this time, she would realize her desire to teach people how to speak with depth and authenticity.

“I didn’t really know how to go about it at first,” Robyn recalls, “but I knew there had to be a way to unlock each person’s unique voice and allow them to fully express themself.”

Robyn’s manager would eventually direct her to network within the organization, marking the beginning of her corporate speaking career. To help create a smooth transition into the limelight, she joined a Mastermind group and developed a coaching program while learning the art of selling. The experience would prove to be extremely beneficial. Today, her speaking engagements have become more diverse, with a focus on operational excellence workshops for new and established organizations.

“The thing I enjoy most about my work is watching clients experience what I like to call “lift off”, where they have achieved the clarity and embodiment of their message and no longer need to utilize a script or depend on slides,” Robyn enthuses.

Equipped with Agile methodology knowledge and Six Sigma certifications, Robyn has taken a systematic approach to her coaching. Additionally, she conducts OpExcellence Business Intensive Workshops to help businesses map out their infrastructure, streamline operations, and plan for successful exits within two years. Her goal for 2024 and beyond is to bring her talents to as many stages as possible.

Recognized for her expertise, Robyn has held significant roles at the Business Women’s Network at Duke Energy Corporation and the Power to Advance Women’s Conference, and has been featured on several podcasts. Her many contributions to the entrepreneurial world have also been acknowledged by local media, including the Charlotte News Channel QC@3 WBTV.  Her most recent large-scale event, ‘The Power of Voice – Charlotte,’ held in November 2023, was a notable success, launching the careers of 10 emerging speakers.

Robyn Riedlinger’s mission is clear – to spread positive influence, inspire leadership, and be an example for others. She encourages her clients to tap into their authentic voices, guiding them to a fuller expression of who they are rather than merely memorizing speeches. As she looks ahead, she envisions a steady evolution of her coaching to empower others in finding their authentic selves on stage.

“Transformational speaking has the power to inspire and impact an audience. I want to show people how to go deeper, become an extension of their brand, and embody who they truly are.”

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