Staying Fit With Andrea Rogers

With thousands of choices of things, you can do to get in shape, navigating the world of fitness can get tricky at times.  That is where Xtend Barre stands out above the rest.

“We don’t just stand at the barre. We use hand weights, Pilates sticks, and stability balls in unique ways to keep our members moving” said Andrea Rogers, founder of Xtend Barre.  Xtend Barre is a high-energy low-impact workout that combines classical Pilates movements with ballet and high-energy cardio to deliver a workout that tones, strengthens, and lengthens the body.


Founder of Xtend Barre, Andrea Rogers, was born and raised in Michigan and started dancing at the age of 3. “My mother put me into dance classes because I was always dancing around. At age 12, I started teaching dance, and prior to that I was a dance teacher’s assistant,” Rogers shared.

Rogers was a professional dancer and choreographer for several years, traveling the world with various dance companies and celebrity performers.

“I’m so profoundly lucky that I found my passion early on and have been able to build a career of it” she said.

Rogers was first introduced to Pilates for its therapeutic benefits and became a comprehensive classical certified Pilates trainer.  To offer her clients variety, fun, and increase fitness benefits, she created her own fusion of core dance and Pilates fundamentals.


In 2008 Xtend Barre was born.

No other workout combines grace and athleticism like Xtend Barre, and this is why so many people love it. Ours is a serious workout for everyone – women who want to get or stay in shape; people looking to build their confidence; athletes seeking an incredible cross-training program. You’ll never take the same class twice at an Xtend Barre studio” she said.

Want to take a class, Xtend Barre currently has studios in California, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, and Virginia with studios in Canada and Australia too. And more expansion is on the way.

“We are focused on international expansion and further franchise development in Australia and Asia. We are excited to launch new programming to our online members and in our studios while continuing to support all of our members worldwide,” she expressed.

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