Success Follows Mindfulness With Jonathan Maxim

Managing Director of K&J Growth Hackers, Jonathan Maxim, shares, “As entrepreneurs and go-getters, spirituality, living in the moment, and enjoying life are often thrown by the wayside, in lieu of “making it”… But, if you’re not having fun with it, what’s the point?”.

With the natural increase in competition as barriers to entry fall in business, stress levels continue to rise among everyone today. Combine that with unrealistic benchmarks from social media and societal pressures, it’s easy to find ourselves stressed out and questioning “why work so hard?”

Maxim recounts,  “For 4 grueling years, I was a tech founder and had a fitness app that gives users rewards for working out. As a young and green founder, I had to get really creative with my marketing strategies and began exploring viral techniques to get that immense growth we were seeking. On one occasion, [The app] got 14,000 downloads overnight. This really opened my eyes. I saw how much potential there was for me, but also for any other creative tech company. This led to a Forbes writer reaching out and publishing a story, and other start-ups in my coworking space started asking me to do the same for their company. As torn as I was to focus on my own startup, I really wanted to help other budding founders.

At the start, I was working on a deal [with a famed comedic celebrity] who wanted to invest $2.2 million in the app, but after the LOI and term sheet, the deal got shot down by legal since he was already an investor in and sponsored by the Nike Run App – a direct competitor. When that fell apart, I decided to sell my fitness app and joined forces with a competing growth hacker, named Kale Panoho to found K&J Growth Hackers in 2017. [To date], we have launched around 150 campaigns for brands like TikTok, Monster Energy, and Universal Music Group – all remote from New Zealand and Los Angeles.”

After overcoming the burnout and anxiety that accompanied his celebrity investor’s inability to invest due to his former contractual obligations, Maxim prioritized stress management and mindful practices. He encourages other entrepreneurs and professionals to do the same via his podcast, Zen Business

Maxim explains, “The podcast studies successful entrepreneurs who meditate. I focus on the crossover between mindful habits and [consequential career success]. What are other people doing to stay balanced and focused when they are under immense pressure?”

Maxim discusses the derivative of his calling, “Early-stage tech founders are often overworked and underpaid. After a “wake up call” moment (put nicely), I decided to try meditation and yoga. From then on, I began to see my career flourish – with less effort. Soon I started an annual retreat called the BioHackers Escape. I realized this is what would fill my cup. I watch people smile more often, and get to be there to experience their spiritual awakenings. There’s nothing more fulfilling. With my business, I can empower people’s lives beyond work so they can have true fulfillment from any endeavor.”

Maxim pours himself into K&J Growth Hackers, and into other entrepreneurs to help manage stress in healthier ways. While K&J’s main focus is marketing and has helped clients reach milestones such as helping TikTok gain 18,000 downloads in 30 days and gaining international recognition – the business is still a lifestyle business at heart.

The recent pandemic forcefully shifted countless businesses online, the digital space opened up. As a result, K&J was designated #28 on the Inc5000 2021 list of fastest-growing companies.

While life and business present continual unique challenges that none of us can predict, there’s something to be said for keeping a centered poise. No matter what’s going on outside, mindfulness techniques can help keep us focused on staying true to ourselves and avoiding the distractions and anxieties life throws at us.

“Whether you’re entry-level or executive level, remember that your best self lies within. Nothing anyone else says or does can change who you are. So take a deep breath, and realize your power. The world will unfold for you” explains Jonathan.

Today, K&J is focused on a smaller base of deeper client engagements and holds common shares among several of their portfolio companies. Jonathan continues to launch unique marketing strategies for eCommerce, B2B lead generation, and tech companies as his main focus today.

To learn more, visit, @itsjmaxim on IG, and Zen Business Podcast on Spotify and Apple.

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