The Broadcasting Journalism Host who Accomplishes It All

After nearly a decade of working in hard news, reporter and television personality, Sarah Jenkins, is enjoying her transition to lighter material as she hosts “Fresh Living” on CBS affiliate, KUTV. The lifestyle show covers local entertainment, events, travel, sports and other lifestyle-related content.

With a background in hard news anchoring, Sarah Jenkins has enjoyed her transition to lifestyle news for Salt Lake City’s local show, “Fresh Living,” of KUTV CBS network. The show airs on weekdays at 1pm MST and you can catch Jenkins hosting four to five days a week and reporting news weekly for KUTV Channel 2.

Jenkins began her career development at Arizona State University with a broadcasting major. “I always knew I wanted to do journalism and broadcasting,” Jenkins shares. Following her education, Jenkins traveled extensively for ample different career opportunities. She mentions, “I have traveled to so many places for work, which comes with the territory of working in News. It’s a mixed bag because it is hard uprooting so much, but I do love to travel and have a bit of gypsy soul.”

Jenkins dons many other hats in addition to being a broadcasting journalism aficionado. “I began writing a couple of articles here and there for Deluxe Version Magazine back in 2020. Now I write for the magazine regularly. I have always loved writing,” she exclaims. In addition to all of her career contributions, Jenkins is also an advocate for domestic violence and eating disorders. “I have volunteered as an EMCEE for domestic violence charity events. I also volunteer my writing services to the Project Heal blog,” which focuses on healing eating disorders, Jenkins informs.

Even with so many commitments and passions, Jenkins has accomplished one of life’s most challenging callings, being a new mom to twins. “They just had their first birthday! It’s chaos but I have to embrace it. Sometimes it is hard with the lifestyle show to look put together. Luckily I have an amazing support system at home with childcare and family,” she says. Having just purchased a new home in Salt Lake City, Jenkins shares that her and her family are getting more settled into the local community.

“I feel so blessed. I am living my dream to work on a lifestyle show that is always changing. I meet so many smart and creative people on the show,” Jenkins explains. 

Former anchor and news producer, current lifestyle show host, volunteer, writer and mother, Jenkins is accomplishing it all. Tune in to “Fresh Living” at 1PM MST in Salt Lake City Monday through Friday and to the “Fresh Off the Set” podcast that Sarah Jenkins and her lifestyle show team conduct to keep up with Sarah Jenkins.

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