The New Face Of Profitability

– Anand K. Nair

Profitability is one of the biggest items often overlooked by business owners.

Most business owners spend the majority of their time working in their businesses versus on their businesses. They get stuck in the never-ending grind of putting clients, patients and customers into the business cycle, and they fail to take the time to see what those efforts put out as results.

Enter Anand Nair, MSFS, owner of the Narian Group LLC…a company focused on one of the biggest factors that keep businesses thriving: Profitability.

Nair works mostly with physicians with private practices, but the work he does is relevant to many business owners. As he starts a relationship with a new physician, his first order of business is to complete high-level business valuation. These valuations allow the physician to review their current Key Performance Indicators and Liquidation Value, as well as items that may be putting a strain on business growth. “This is the foundation of the work we do together…a starting point for our relationship,” says Nair of what he believes is an important first step. “It allows  us to set targets for business growth and profitability.”

Doctors and medical professionals train for decades to become experts in their field and need money management for their specific financial concerns and needs. “Medical practices and physicians face unique challenges with asset management and revenue,” says Nair. “This includes working with insurance companies and investing revenue back into their practice.” Narain Group and its team of experts can evaluate a doctor’s finances on a deeper level, and work with the physician and medical practice for optimum growth.

Nair believes that his practice allows physicians and business owners to continue doing what they are extremely good at—the vocation they trained for–allowing them to spend more time with patients and clients, and less time wondering if their business is running effectively. Says Nair: “Ultimately, our objective is to increase profitability, minimize revenue losses and help the business grow through efficient business strategies.”

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