Ultimate Revenge Face-Off Challenge

Revenge MD Clinic offers several solutions to take control of how we look and feel via cosmetic treatments and procedures, hormone therapy, and weight loss programs. In order to create a positive change in the lives of others, Revenge MD is excited to announce its Revenge Face-Off Challenge. Each month an applicant will be selected to receive over $10,000 in treatments and procedures complimentary of Revenge MD. The treatments to choose from for each winner include Neurotoxins, Fillers, PDO Threads, Skincare Treatments and Products, Hormone Therapy, Weight Loss Programs, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist Session, and Fashion PhotoShoot.

“The challenge is between two sets of injectors and doctors, five medical professionals on each panel,” Revenge MD CEO Sandra Bledsoe explains.

The two panels will evaluate the submissions and select one individual each, per month, that they predict their team could create the most positive change for. The panel that impacts the candidates’ lives in the best way will receive free advertising such as a commercial and be featured as Revenge MD’s best of the best medical professionals.

The Revenge Face-Off Challenge candidates selected will meet with the professional medical panel to further discuss their desired areas of improvement. The panel will also offer their expert opinion to observe additional opportunities for enhancement as well. Once a treatment plan has been agreed upon among the candidate and the members of the panel, the candidate can receive the services of the plan free of charge. Essentially, the challenge is to determine which panel of experts made the most positive change utilizing the selected candidate’s existing attributes, the injectors’ and doctors’ skill sets, and the services Revenge MD offers.

Actual Patients

Those interested in applying for the Revenge Face-Off Challenge opportunity are encouraged to submit four photos from different angles of the improvements they would like to see to their appearance, accompanied with an explanation on what they may like to improve both externally and internally, e.g. more stamina, higher energy levels, mental clarity, and performance improvement.

To submit online, visit www.faceoffchallenge.com.

Those interested in applying without internet access can call 702-218-1083 to inquire about in-person submission.

Revenge MD Sandra Bledsoe

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