Women In Business: Liz Rodriguez

In 2016, Liz Rodriguez opened the Family Medical Clinic, a general medical practice. Her goal: provide her community with affordable and reliable healthcare services.

With six locations throughout South Florida (Kendall, Homestead, North Miami, Coral Gables, Hialeah-Miami Lakes, and Cutler Bay), The Family Medical Group takes pride in treating its patients with the latest, most innovative medical technology. Each of FMG’s beautifully designed facilities provides its guests with an atmosphere of caring and calm.

“I started FMG to not only provide quality affordable health care but also to create a welcoming atmosphere in a sector which has earned a bad reputation for customer service.” Liz prides herself on her versatility, and she is very excited about her expansion into other aspects of the healthcare industry. Elevate Medspa, a sister company that focuses on beauty needs specifically tailored to bring about the personal improvements patients desire, has been hugely successful.

“So many members of our Elevate family of patients have discovered a healthier way of life thanks to our amazing team. Seeing the growth opportunities for not only patients, but my staff as well, keeps me inspired to open more and more clinics.”

Liz and her FMG team aim to treat every patient as a member of their own family, a courtesy that is too often forgotten in the medical field. As a mother and successful business owner, Liz understands the power of familial connection.

“Seeing the opportunities and experiences that I can offer to my children is the #1 driving forcebehind everything I do. Having my own business allows me the flexibility to spend more time with them.”

Liz Rodriguez has big plans for the future. Opening more centers nationally with FMG’s new franchise model and building a charity for troubled teenage women and other female entrepreneurs are just a few of them.

To learn more visit: www.thefamilymedgroup.com
Instagram: @thefamilymedgroup personal – @liz.rodriguez.official

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