Adrian Karimi Fights For The Little Guy

As a child at just five years old, Adrian immigrated to the United States from Iran with his mother, who left everything behind in search of the American Dream. Growing up in Los Angeles in a single parent household, Adrian would experience firsthand that the American Dream didn’t come easy, and how people in power would constantly take advantage of those in a lower socioeconomic status. Adopting his fighting spirit from his mom, Adrian never shied away from hardship and went on to graduate from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in History, cum laude. Following his graduation, Adrian moved to Las Vegas and attended William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. While in law school, Adrian was a judicial clerk for the Honorable Justice Pickering of the Nevada Supreme Court, and also for the Honorable Judge (now Justice) Abbi Silver of the Eighth Judicial District Court, Dept. XV in Clark County, Nevada.

Once leaving public service and entering the private sector, Adrian joined Ladah Law Firm in 2016. The firm is minority based; its founder, Ramzy Ladah, is also of middle eastern origin. Ladah Law takes pride in its ability to represent a wide range of minority clients, from Hispanic to Ethiopian, in a diverse city like Las Vegas.

Adrian Karimi’s approach to law is simple.

“My goal is to fully understand my client’s situation and to help them believe strongly in their case. In the courtroom I focus on what the judge needs to hear versus what I want to say.”

Adrian has recently achieved great success in the courtroom. After two weeks of back to back trials in the heat of September – one a trip and fall incident, the other a car crash – Adrian was able to receive total verdicts of $276,000 and $120,000 for his clients respectively. He is now spearheading a national class action lawsuit against worldwide car manufacturer Audi for a series of defective engines.

The ultra-competitive Las Vegas law scene poses many challenges, but Adrian Karimi and Ladah Law Firm are ready to fight for those in need and get them the justice they deserve.

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