Business Profile: The Richardson Group

Whether you’re seeking your ultimate luxury home, or looking to expand your investment portfolio, The Richardson Group Brokerage Group will exceed your expectations, delivering VIP treatment and years of experience. Helmed by Johnny Richardson and his business partner and fiancé, Katie Meadows, the Richardson Group is a full-service firm that offers more than your run-of-the-mill Real Estate services. Offering a full-spectrum of Real Estate services, the Las Vegas-based group is tied to a national platform, with brokers available across the nation to fit the most discerning buyers’ needs. 

Johnny Richardson is closer by nature— known as “The Shark”; his infectious, high-energy and results-driven sales tactics have made him a force to reckon with on a national scale. Consistently gaining acclaim for being a top Real Estate Broker and Producer, Richardson has appeared in many publications and also serves as a motivational speaker. Given his dynamic, magnanimous personality, it is no wonder he says a big part of his drive is through serving others. In addition to being a Luxury Brokerage Firm, The Richardson Group also has a Real Estate Agent-driven arm, which seeks to recruit and train future top producers in the business. The group also offers resources like weekly ‘open houses, where agents and team leaders can come and compare off-market listings—an invaluable resource in the current low-inventory market. 

When I ask Johnny how he got into real estate, he says it was in the back of his mind for years.  A born salesperson, he said he walked into a Broker’s office, hit it off, set up his first listing—and got his first commission check before his Real Estate license even came through! In his first year, he did fifty transactions, unheard of for a novice Realtor. The key to his success? “I took other components from other business models [I was] familiar with,” he says. “Having worked in Time Share Sales, the car business, Insurance…. All of those same leadership skills which set me apart, I adapted into real estate…. kind of through thinking outside the box” People were wowed. 

As for his favorite part of working in the Real Estate Industry, Johnny again cites the mentorship component. “I love taking Real Estate Agents, and taking them to multiple six-figure incomes!” he exclaims. “I am so passionate about bringing agents in, developing them, helping their businesses grow, and seeing them gain multiple commission checks, it excites me!

Ultimately, what really sets The Richardson Group apart is the passion Johnny and Katie bring to working with and developing agents. “I love getting them to have a sustainable, measurable income they can depend on,” he says. “This idea to develop agents, through a graduate program, really separates us.” While the agent resources The Richardson Group offers are not a traditional Real Estate School, Johnny says their training model includes what they dub “shark week”, educating students on everything from databases, listing points, generating referrals, onboarding leads, and more. “Mentorship is key,” Johnny says. “We take pride in that. Bringing people on board, teaching tactics, experience, selling, production, and quality overall” 

Be sure to reach out to The Richardson Group for all of your Luxury, Investment, or potential career-enhancing needs. 

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