Catching Up With: Matt Finn, Fox News National Correspondent

It’s an age-old question inevitably asked as young people approach adulthood.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Lucky are those that feel drawn toward a specific career field early on. For some, that field is Journalism.

Fox News National Correspondent Matt Finn falls into that category. From a young age, he knew he wanted to make an impact in Broadcasting and Journalism. Over the years, he drew upon his passion for storytelling as he worked in different markets up to a national level. Now based in Los Angeles, Finn leads a jam-packed schedule covering the biggest national stories across the country. When we spoke, he was in Louisville, Kentucky.

Prior to LA, Finn worked in Chicago and Las Vegas markets. Before that, he attended Temple University to study Journalism. I ask what his favorite thing about working in the field is.

“We get a front-row seat to so much history,” he says. “Sometimes it’s exciting and exhilarating. Other times it’s saddening and heavy. We find ourselves in situations and geographic places that we probably never would be if not for our jobs. And it’s critical that we present these moments or stories with clarity and fact.”

Finally, I ask what some Matt Finn’s passions are, outside of news.

“Because I travel and have moved so often, I’m passionate about prioritizing my time with my family and friends. And both on and off the job, I really enjoy exploring the region of the country I’m in. I’m always fitting in scenic hikes, runs, or activities like biking and skiing.”

With an impressive resume under his belt, a high-profile career, and a healthy, social lifestyle, he’s certainly an inspiration to all to dream big!

Feature photo courtesy of Geoff Nelson / Fox News

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