Dr. Ted Sim Cares From The Inside Out

Caring for YOU means looking after your mind, body, spirit, and spine. If you want to do that naturally and holistically, Dr. Ted Sim of ChiropracTED has you covered. 

Dr. Sim’s passion for health and well being started during his time in the Air Force. “When you are in the military, they are looking at you to be your best, not just mentally, but physically as well. So strength, endurance, and keeping your body healthy was always a priority,” Dr. Teddy Sim said.

Stationed last in Las Vegas, Dr. Sim knew he wanted to make Vegas his home and pursue his goal of becoming a Chiropractor. He received his Bachelor’s in Kinesiological Sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Doctorate in Chiropractic from the University of Western States.  

“I opened my clinic about six years ago in Las Vegas. We take care of anything that has to do with spinal conditions and musculoskeletal conditions. We offer Modalities, Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation,” he said. 

Dr. Sim’s believe in the chiropractic principle that recognizes that a healthy aligned spine enhances the body’s inborn healing potential. His mission is to provide exceptional service for all his patients. 

“I take my time with patients because this relationship between doctor and patient is quite intimate. We become close through the information they share with me; they trust me to rehabilitate them and make them better after an accident or injury. So, we treat them like family, and that truly sets us apart from other clinics,” he said

When he is not at ChiropracTED, Dr. Sim is taking meditation classes, yoga, hiking, or listening to music. He is a huge Mariah Carey fan. Another big part of his life is Zumba. 

“I’m an instructor, and I just love it. Zumba incorporates a lot of Hispanic music and dance moves like salsa and merengue. It is a lot of fun. And when you do that for a good hour, you work up quite a sweat,” he said.

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