Rasmeeka Onstead: Brings Performance Edge To Real Estate

Rasmeeka Onstead is a leader in Las Vegas real estate. She is known for her high-quality service and expertise, but there is something unique about this agent. Onstead was born in Durban, South Africa, and at the age of two, her parents packed up the family and moved to Las Vegas. “My mom enrolled me into gymnastics; I was a competitive gymnast my entire childhood nationally and internationally. I was on the US national team for gymnastics, and my goal was to be in the 2000 Olympics, but an injury ended my career as a gymnast,” she said. 

When you live in a city of entertainment like Vegas, similar opportunities are sure to present themselves, “I transitioned into the world of choreography and performing,” she said. Onstead performed for some of the top Las Vegas shows and toured with many top 40 artists. 

“Toni Braxton, Usher, Dave Navarro, and many others. As far as shows on the strip, many of them are gone now, but my first one was in acrobatics in Folies Bergere, a staple at the time in Vegas,” she said. After 17 years in entertainment, Onstead decided to change things up.

“I have always been interested in the real-estate world. Growing up in Las Vegas I have witnessed the city change dramatically. The city has grown from just a few casinos to what it is now, and it’s still growing and evolving.”

Now one of the top real estate agents in Vegas, she sets herself apart from the rest of the pack by using the skills she honed as a performer where she learned to connect with clients on a personal level. 

“I love to make people smile, and I guess that is part of the performer in me. I think one of my definite strengths is I have a vast knowledge of the Las Vegas market. I take every single transaction very personally, and I get to know my clients. I listened to them, their needs, and their wants. Not only do I help them make all of their real estate dreams come true, but I also carry on the relationship for years. A lot of my clients and I are still friends to this day,” she said. 

When she is not busy working, Onstead spends time with her daughter, travels the world, and gives to her community through various charitable organizations. 

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