The Spa At The Stirling Club

Let’s talk Spas! Right now, a spa can be the perfect getaway for some stress relief and relaxation! The Stirling Club is the perfect place to do it all. It’s located at Turnberry Place, just off the Las Vegas strip, without having to walk through a casino to get there.  

The club offers an array of treatments that will revive you and make you feel like a million bucks: spa therapies, laser therapies, and massage therapies. You will feel comfortable as soon as you open the doors. The club has undergone a complete remodel, so it’s clean and pristine. Luxury at its best! The club also includes temperature checks upon arrival, so all the guests feel safe. 

 Another perk, every guest receives a complimentary microscopical skin analysis prior to receiving services to provide the perfect, individualized treatment. Plus, all spa therapies include a European facial, exfoliation, steam, mask, manual extractions, and a hand massage. How about that for special treatment?!  

The Stirling Club also has everything you need for a full day of treatment is all in one place, plus Michael Boychuck’s Salon is officially open.   

“It feels like your own private club. Individuals receive their treatment, then ty can go hang out in the steam room, go to the ladies lounge for a cup of coffee, watch TV or listen to music, whatever they like to do to relax,” says Kathleen Gustafson, the Vice President of membership sales.

Michael Boychuck’s Salon at Stirling Club is a full-service salon that offers expert hair coloring, cutting, and styling. Boychuck is known for the top-notch work and his long list of celebrity clients. He’s one of Las Vegas’s very best!  

According to Gustafson, the Stirling Club is proud of all the amenities it offers, and the guest response has been incredible. She says, “it’s what people need right now.” She also points out, “anyone can come to the spa as long as they book a treatment. However, if you are a member, you get a discount!”

Spa Therapies: 

Therapies include diamond microdermabrasion treatment, lactic acid seaweed peel, glycolic acid glowing treatment, and herbal infusion therapy.  

Advanced Laser Therapies:   

Advanced laser therapies include skin and collagen rejuvenation, fractional laser firming treatment, body reshaping laser treatment, and LED light moisture control therapy.

Contact Kathleen Gustafson for more information and a tour. 

702-274-5672 | [email protected]


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