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In The Groove With Darren Drew

In the heart of the music industry stands a man whose journey from a humble upbringing in Rapid City, South Dakota, to the heights of the entertainment world is nothing short of inspiring. Darren Drew, the founding partner of In The Groove Music, embodies the fusion of passion, style, and business acumen. Established in 1995, In The Groove Music has emerged as a powerhouse in publishing, licensing, music supervision, and ...

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Hospitality Spotlight: Joessy Torres

With over 15 years of experience, Joessy Torres is a true leader and veteran in the world of hospitality. Seeking a fresh start, she relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Miami, Florida in 2008 with a background in code enforcement. Thanks to a serendipitous encounter, Torres would soon take on... continue reading.

Alejandro Galindez: Giving the Gift of Fun

As a child, Alejandro Galindez discovered the profound joy of making others smile and extending a helping hand. Simple acts like helping his parents with household chores, opening the door for a stranger, or sharing his lunch on pizza day with a hungry classmate (despite it being his favorite!) all left a... continue reading.

Icons of Miami: Aileen Guillen

When it comes to finance, Aileen Guillen and The Tax Team are a one-stop shop. Originally from Miami, Guillen’s journey began with a degree in finance from St. Thomas University, setting the foundation for a promising career. She started as a personal banker at JP Morgan Chase, an experience that... continue reading.

Icons of Miami: Simone Mayer

Simone Mayer is a passionate designer and entrepreneur. Her inspiring journey and her latest venture, Sanctuary MIMO, shed light on her commitment to creating impactful, innovative spaces and fostering a strong sense of community. Mayer grew up in a design and manufacturing family. However, her true passion for creative work... continue reading.

Stars Come Out At Dreamy Draw

DREAMY DRAW MUSIC FESTIVAL The Deluxe Version Magazine team got the opportunity to attend the exciting country music 2-day festival that is Dreamy Draw, where we got to see some incredible performances & hang out with some of the biggest names in country music. Interviews were done by Aly Rose... continue reading.

Sam Winkler: The Serial Entrepeneur

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Sam Winkler stands out as a visionary leader, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a passion for overcoming challenges. As the founder of several groundbreaking ventures in the world of electronics and tech, Winkler has always had a knack for thinking outside... continue reading.

Anna Gomes: A Vegas Culinary Icon

When it comes to Brazilian cuisine in Las Vegas, Via Brasil Steakhouse stands out as a gem that caters not just to tourists but also to the local community. Founded by Anna Gomes and her husband Adam in 2008, the Summerlin-based churrascaria has become a culinary haven that blends tradition... continue reading.

Tiffanie Craddock Elevates Strong Brand Collaborations

Tiffanie Craddock's journey into the modeling industry is nothing short of a fascinating twist of fate. Her career began with a chance encounter on a rainy day in Chicago, where a canceled White Sox game led her to a local bar and an unexpected encounter with the Vice President of... continue reading.

Brunch Me Hard!

The McHenry Group: Expanded Locations of Red-Hot ‘Sunday’s Best’ Concept What do you get when you combine a passion for community, gastronomic creativity, and the hottest party in town? For visionary restaurateur Michal McHenry, these components are recipes for some of the hottest experiential culinary outposts in the West, with... continue reading.


If you live in Utah, chances are, you’ve dined at one of  Rockstar Restaurateur, Culinary mastermind and hospitality wunderkind Michael Mchenry’s establishments. The Mchenry Group, or “TMG”, currently has six different concepts at its helm; with plans for multiple expansions of existing concepts, as well as new ones in the... continue reading.

Ana Enamorado – Empowering Pets with Wicked Monkey

Ana Enamorado is making massive waves in the world of pet accessories. Hailing from Honduras, Ana and her family relocated to Miami in the year 2000. She would enlist in the U.S. Navy in 2002, driven by a commitment to excellence and a deep desire to serve her country. Following... continue reading.

Katie Goldberg’s Passion For Injury Law

Katie Goldberg, the founder of Goldberg Injury Law, is not your typical attorney. With a unique blend of passion, dedication, and a personal touch, she has made a significant impact in the Las Vegas legal landscape. Goldberg’s journey into law was inspired by her parents. Her father was a personal... continue reading.

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