At Revenge MD Clients Feel Special

– By Elena Castriota

If one explores the beauty section of Instagram these days, it’s impossible not to stumble upon a video of someone receiving injectables and other aesthetic enhancements. Revenge MD – revenge on aging that is! The owner, Sandra Bledsoe, insists that while they offer many services that are popular at other clinics, their 13 years of experience sets them apart.

“We found that a lot of different injection clinics or services were inconsistent,” Sandra explained, “People did not follow the same patterns or strength of products and people didn’t know what to expect.”

This concern led her to develop and teach what she calls “PTSP” which stands for “Placement of product, Technique, Strength of product, Pricing” to her staff. This applies to one branch of Revenge MD’s practice: facial injectables like botox, fillers, and threading.

“No matter where a client or patient goes or whatever location they’re in they get the same results,” she said, “If [the doctor or nurse] is trained by us, the client will get the same results.”

The other two branches that make up Revenge MD are weight loss and facial aesthetics. The former offers physician-supervised programs that include food and exercise plans, vitamin shots, medications if needed, and an accountability program to motivate and coach clients to reach their goals. In terms of facial aesthetics, they offer plasma rich therapy (AKA the vampire facial), micro-needling, laser hair removal, and several other treatments.

No matter what they’re getting done, it’s Sandra’s goal for all of her clients to leave feeling better than when they walk in.

“We want everyone to feel special and for this to be somewhere they want to return and go back to.”

Revenge MD currently has locations in Las Vegas and Reno and is currently being licensed in all 50 states. Find them at or on Instagram @revenge_md


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