Beverly Hills: Sparkle & Slay Holiday Soirée

Hosted by Paul Zahn & Legent Bourbon

Entertaining Expert and TV Host Paul Zahn hosted a holiday soiree with Legent Bourbon at Ella inside the Sixty Hotel Beverly Hills. Drinks were crafted by Zach Patterson of Melrose Umbrella Co. with food created by Ella’s Chef Brian Min. Paul shared his holiday cocktail recipes and gifted attendees with Rizzoli Books The Delmonico Way, featuring a cocktail recipe by Paul.

 WHO: Guests included Danielle Nottingham, host of NBC’s California Live, Mia Mastroianni of Paramount TV’s Bar Rescue, I Heart Media Latina Life Podcast hosts Milena Monrroy & Jen Aguillon Weissler, Influencer Nike Ojekunle and others on Friday, December 16, 2022.

Photos by Patrick Rivera

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