Doggy Daycare, But Make It Pawsh!

Every pet owner knows the dread of their first time leaving their pet behind while embarking on a travel journey elsewhere. Worries of safety, loneliness, and instability are a concern for every pet owner initially. Lisa Imbesi dealt with this predicament during her time in the nightlife industry. She recounts her experience as a dog mom with a high volume travel lifestyle, “Every time I would go out of town I would have anxiety about my dogs. When I would come back they would be shaking or sick and they weren’t happy.” The lack of confidence Imbesi had in the dog boarding options in Las Vegas-inspired her.

“I wanted to find somewhere they were excited about. I wanted a clean place where the dogs would have fun. I knew a lot of other people wanted the same,” Imbesi shares.

As a solution, she started a small business out of her own home. As demands grew, her business expanded. She leased a large warehouse formerly used for luxury car rentals and converted it into Pawsh Palace, now the most well-known luxury pet boarding and grooming destination in Las Vegas.

Imbesi gutted the 35,000 square-foot space and created what she describes as, “a five-star resort on the strip, but for dogs.” Pet parents looking to go the extra mile can elect upgraded services and perks such as the master bedroom suites fit for humans, the meditation suite, and luxury spa services. The dogs enjoy huge indoor and outdoor yards complete with daybeds, pools, sprinklers, and playgrounds as the weather permits. Pawsh Palace pups have ample social outlets with the company of several human and canine friends. Fun events like Doggy Dayclub and Valentine’s Day Speed Dating keep them engaged and playing instead of waiting for mom or dad to come back.

Imbesi’s primary customer base started as personal contacts and colleagues within the nightlife industry. Now her clientele includes the coach of the Raiders, the owner of the Golden Knights, many celebrities, and the most vigilant of dog parents that only want the best for their pets.

Imbesi mentions her client demographic, “It’s about quality here. If [their pets] aren’t their kids, they are like their kids.”

Starting at a maximum of 20 dogs at a time, Pawsh Palace has grown immensely, catering to up to 100 dogs at a time. To ensure safety, Imbesi requires at least one staff member to 10 dogs during play hours. With such success, many investors have inquired about opening new Pawsh Palace locations. “We are shopping for spaces in the Saint Rose and the Summerlin areas,” Imbesi shares.

The right business developers are necessary to maintain the level of service provided and envisioned by Imbesi. She explains, “If I have multiple locations, I want each one to run as if I was there every day.” Pawsh Palace provides a comfy, clean, and spacious space for dogs to play, rest, cuddle and live happily while their parents are away. Additional locations are pending and Imbesi seeks the right developers and investors to ensure quality is not lost with the increase in quantity. To learn more or to get your oxytocin dose filled with live videos of the pawsh pups at play,

Please visit: @pawshpalace on IG and to book your next boarding or grooming service

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