Heather Marianna Connects Brands To The Stars

Heather Marianna is a skincare powerhouse with a vision for the future.

This stunning trendsetter with a warm and vibrant personality could boast her formidable portfolio of over 1000 beauty brands, but when you meet her, you will find she is actually interested in you.

She has changed the face of the skincare industry as over 4 million people tuned in to each episode on her youtube channel where she shared beauty recipes made with common kitchen household ingredients. Her meteoric rise led to 100+ national TV news segments and appearances on Reality TV, sharing her message of self-care on MTV, BRAVO, and OXYGEN.

She now has a huge network called Beauty Brand Consulting and is focused on opening the doors for many aspiring entrepreneurs with her newest venture. Ms. Marianna is taking brands to the stars!

Marianna is a super connector, a master networker who is great at numbers, and now she is solving a big issue for entrepreneurs. Every business owner knows, a business dies in the darkness of obscurity.

The daunting challenge for entrepreneurs is how to reach the media, celebrities and people with influence. This can be very time-consuming or require hiring an expensive publicist. Like the innovative superhero we love and celebrate, she now hosts the premiere gifting events for the Emmys and Oscars, providing a major shortcut for entrepreneurs to accelerate.


Marianna’s next Harvest Luxury Lounge on Sept. 12th for the Emmys brings together over 50 media outlets and hundreds of celebrities in a deluxe indoor + outdoor space. Featuring curated cuisine, fine wines and a full bar, she offers a direct opportunity for the savvy to access the source and be seen, bringing destiny-changing connections.

Marianna believes in elevating and accelerating businesses, unlocking the power of purpose and removing barriers for her clients utilizing her broad experience and innovative vision to help others rise.

www.beautybrandcoaching.com | @beautybrandcoaching

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