In The Groove With Darren Drew

In the heart of the music industry stands a man whose journey from a humble upbringing in Rapid City, South Dakota, to the heights of the entertainment world is nothing short of inspiring. Darren Drew, the founding partner of In The Groove Music, embodies the fusion of passion, style, and business acumen. Established in 1995, In The Groove Music has emerged as a powerhouse in publishing, licensing, music supervision, and client service, all under Drew’s visionary leadership.

Drew’s affinity for music traces back to his childhood, where he honed his skills as a musician, performing in bands for over 15 years. However, his transition from the stage to the business realm truly defined his trajectory. Leveraging his innate knack for networking and building relationships, Drew ventured into the music business, focusing on television and movies.

What sets Drew apart is his expertise in the music industry and impeccable sense of style.

“Music and fashion have so much in common. People need to identify you to remember you. I use fashion as a means to open a door, as a conversation starter, I guess you could say,” Drew says.

For Drew, fashion is more than just attire; it’s a means of expression and connection. His distinctive style has become synonymous with his brand, opening doors and capturing the attention of some of the biggest names in the business.

After all, Drew landed his biggest deal all because of a pair of boots!

Drew commands attention at the intersection of fashion and music, turning heads with his innovative approach to fashion. His visions reflect his personality and serve as a testament to the seamless integration of aesthetics into the music industry.

“When I think of someone I want to work with, I want to work with someone sophisticated and successful. I call my style Business Designer!”

“Be the best version of yourself every day! You never know who you might bump into!” Drew states.

What sets Darren Drew apart is his unwavering commitment to authenticity. Despite his remarkable success, he remains grounded in his small-town roots, drawing inspiration from his upbringing and using his relatability to forge genuine connections within the industry.

“My dad had always told me that connecting with people is how you get ahead and that people choose who they do business with through emotion,” Drew says.

His authenticity resonates with clients and collaborators, establishing him as a trusted partner in the fiercely competitive entertainment world.

In The Groove Music boasts an impressive roster of clients, from ESPN and Disney to Maserati and Maybelline Cosmetics. Drew’s ability to navigate the industry’s diverse landscape, coupled with his keen eye for talent, has solidified his reputation as a trailblazer in music licensing and supervision.

“It’s really the service we provide that keeps our clients coming back,” he says. Drew describes his business as a designer shopping experience. “It’s the customer service in high-end retail that made me want to bring that designer service to my business,” he says. “You have to be different because it’s the service that people remember, and that’s where you build loyalty. We are in a creative industry but function as a service-oriented company.”

Beyond his professional achievements, Darren Drew is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that success is attainable through passion, perseverance, and authenticity. As he continues to redefine the boundaries of music and fashion, Darren Drew remains a force to be reckoned with, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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