Jared Nieman: The Missing Peace

Jared Nieman was destined to preach the word of God.

He was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. His parents, Charles and Rochelle Nieman, started Abundant Church in 1977. Over the course of the past forty-plus years, Abundant Church’s congregation has grown to include more than 20,000 members. After his mother Rochelle passed away in 2012, Jared and his sister Shannon were propelled into prominent leadership roles within the church. Since then, Jared has also become a successful motivational speaker, author, podcaster, and community leader.

Pastor Jared’s new book, entitled The Missing Peace, has sold well over 10,000 copies and tackles tough topics such as anxiety, depression, suicide, addiction, and PTSD. He even shares his own journey dealing with addiction and how he was able to overcome it.

“I believe The Missing Peace will help people because it was written transparently,” says Pastor Jared. “Being a Christian means serving God and being faithful, but it also means grinding and battling through trials and challenges, overcoming failures. I wrote about my struggle with addiction and anxiety because it proves that you can reinvent yourself and go in another direction.”

The Missing Peace also addresses modern culture and offers ways to navigate through the digital age.

“We live in a society that is obsessed with instant gratification, and while convenience is great, very few things of true worth are built overnight,” he says. “Social media forces us to see and envy someone else’s life without understanding their journey.”

We asked Pastor Jared how he feels faith and leadership intertwine.

“Being a Christian is such an amazing opportunity for any entrepreneur. Why? Because you can maintain godly boundaries and standards in your life without having to give up your dreams,” he explains.

He cites a powerful example from Ephesians. “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

For more information visit jarednieman.com or on Instagram @jarednieman.

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