Leading In Business: Daniela Madrid, Attorney & Realtor

As Owner and Managing Attorney of Madrid, Hadges, and Associates, Daniela Madrid is one busy woman. Add in her title as owner/realtor for Hadges House through Realty One Group, and Superwoman might be a more apt title.

Madrid Hadges & Associates offers multiple areas of legal representation: Personal Injury, Business Law, Criminal Defense, and Real Estate.

Prompted by former clients seeking real estate transaction assistance, Daniela was inspired to offer real estate services in addition to her Attorney areas of expertise. In Real Estate, Daniela regularly navigates the complex process of purchase agreements, as well as recovering clients’ earnest money deposits.

Daniela attributes her having lived in Las Vegas for over 21 years to familiarity with the city from both a Real Estate Perspective, to advocating for clients she represents through Madrid, Hadges, and Associates. She has litigated hundreds of cases and successfully argued contested motions in federal and state courts.

I ask what prompted Daniela to go into Law.

“I think it started from the fact that there were a lot of language barriers in my family. So any time that they needed something resolved, I had to translate for them and advocate on their behalf. …I felt the need to get them justice.”

Ms. Madrid is also passionate about philanthropy and giving back to the Las Vegas community, with a focus on women in particular. “That’s what I am always advocating for,” she says. “I think that’s part of the reason why I am interested in business. I like to work with entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses and…just educating them on how to succeed and [properly] structure their businesses.”

“My main goal is to help others. When you become my client, you’ll be treated like family” she says.

www.madridhadges.com. |  @madridhadgesassociates

www.hadgeshouse.com | @hadgeshouse

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