Leila Hale Goes All In

Growing up in a family of doctors, nurses, and dentists, attorney Leila Hale’s search for the truth began at a young age. Her upbringing, along with her entrepreneurial spirit, would inspire her to start her own own firm, Hale Injury Law, in 2005.

“Vegas is a city where you have to place your bets. One of the best decisions I ever made was going all-in on myself.”

Since its founding, Hale Injury Law and its clients have been cashing in – consistently winning million-dollar-cases. The satisfaction this brings to Leila Hale and her team makes it all worthwhile.

“Our team fully expects our clients to come back even stronger than they were before being injured. It’s what keeps us going.”


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Perhaps the quality that gives Hale Injury Law a competitive edge over the others is a woman’s touch. The firm is owned and directed by Hale, and her team boasts a lineup of other all-star females. Each team member truly listens to their clients and makes the battle their own. After an accident – and all the stress that can come with it – clients want to be seen, heard, and understood. By fully understanding their clients’ predicament, Hale Injury Law is able to lay the groundwork for a successful case. Hale sees this as one of her firm’s biggest strengths.

“Positively impacting people’s livelihoods is hardcoded into my being; it’s who I am. Through my injury law practice I am able to be the strong backbone that ensures my clients don’t get taken advantage of. I look out for my clients and I love what I do! My clients are my biggest inspiration next to my children and team.”

What’s certain is that clients can rely on Hale’s strength and diligence to win the day. Whether it’s an accident on the road, a worker’s compensation issue, or even a casino or nightclub accident, let Hale Injury Law bring the fight for you.

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