The OC Sells Luxury With Sean Palmieri 

The odyssey of life is experienced through the excitement of exploring and learning. Wanting to expand beyond imaginable possibilities is the adrenaline of existence; every decision made through the journey reflects where you’re at in this very moment. That is why nothing is coincidental when talking about Sean Palmieri’s life. Palmieri is one of the luxury realtors on the hit Netflix series Selling The OC. However, he didn’t show up on the show out of nowhere with an impressive amount of luxury knowledge.

While attending the University of Florida for advertising Palmieri also worked part-time as a Leasing Consultant and Marketing Assistant at a luxury condominium near the school’s campus. It was there that he would discover his passion for the luxury lifestyle. After graduating with an advertising degree but a love for luxury homes, he decided to hone in on his niche and find a way to market high-end real estate.

Palmieri became the Sales and Operations Leader in the Development Division at One Sotheby’s Reality in Miami. Soon after, he began working on projects with the brilliant architect, artist, and designer Zaha Hadid. The connections he built working alongside her would eventually open doors on the opposite side of the country in California. Palmieri followed his intuition and moved from sunny Flordia to sunny San Diego, where he was the Marketing Director for a team that became the #1 team at Pacific Sotheby’s. His leadership abilities unsurprisingly became noticed, and Palmieri was now the Marketing Director at Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills, where he would move on from San Diego. Palmieri was now in the Major Leagues. Working on homes between $20 million and $100 million was all the confidence he needed.

“I purposely was in Marketing for so many years that now I can walk into any home, and I never get intimidated. The grander it is, the easier it is for me. After a history in marketing, you learn how to speak to specific clients and how to market a home to get it sold.” Palmieri says confidently, of course.


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If nothing is a coincidence, Palmieri’s next step to begin his real estate career as an agent only seems logical. With an extensive background and all the right connections, it was no surprise that Palmieri was successful. Perhaps it was the universe aligning the stars, but as Palmieri joined The Oppenheim Group as an agent, Netflix’s Selling The OC was made final.

Palmieri never thought he would be a reality TV star; he doesn’t watch tv much. “I said yes because everything the producer, {Adam DiVello} touches is gold, and it’s a really exciting time for real estate in reality TV,” Palmieri says. When asked how it felt being on such a popular tv show, he said, “Nothing feels too different, although I do have a lot more DM’s.” he laughs. Rightfully so.

“I wanted to be smart going into the show because, at the end of the day, I’m working in the industry. I might be new in selling, but in terms of having a good network with the top agents, I still need to keep myself at the level of professionalism I always have.” Palmieri says.

Although being in the public eye and holding such standings in the industry looks glamorous, Palmieri shares that it takes tough skin and persistence to succeed. “Real Estate is cutthroat. You have to learn to stand up for yourself and stay consistent. The luxury market takes a while and can be stressful.” he says. Palmieri also spoke with us about checking in with your mental self. “I make sure I’m not on call 24/7. I used to answer calls at any time of the day. Sometimes I would take calls at 2 am, then wake up and have a 6 am call. Taking time for yourself is so essential in this career. If you feel like you’re done at 7 pm, make sure you’re done.” Palmieri says. “I meditate every morning, and I don’t answer anything before 8 am,” he states.

For more million-dollar listings from Palmieri, tune into Netflix’s Selling The OC!

Feature Photo By Nino Munoz. Cast Photo Courtesy Of Netflix.

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