Stars Come Out At Dreamy Draw


The Deluxe Version Magazine team got the opportunity to attend the exciting country music 2-day festival that is Dreamy Draw, where we got to see some incredible performances & hang out with some of the biggest names in country music. Interviews were done by Aly Rose Stewart. Photos & Videography by MaryElizabeth Stewart with Rockin Street Wear. It was a fun-filled festival full of jam-packed performances.

Interview: Backstage with Logan Crosby

Breakthrough country artist & Claim to Fame Star Logan was fresh off of stage from his set which he absolutely smashed our interview started the second his set ended. Logan was very professional & timely. 

Aly: We want to what your go-to road trip snack is when you’re out on the road.

Logan: Peanut M&M’s and a Diet Coke, Easy. 

Aly: Wow you didn’t even have to think of that one!

Logan: Yeah, I’m always on the road so you gotta know!

Aly: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with dead or alive?

Logan: Adele, love her. She’s great!

Aly: What is a song you have on repeat right now?

Logan: ‘You’ll think of me’ by Keith Urban. It’s from a while back but it’s great. I’ve been listening to Keith Urban lately I love it. 

Aly: What is something you would want your younger self to know?

Logan: I would tell my younger self not to worry about school as much cause I didn’t use my degree in the end so it doesn’t really matter. That’s terrible advice.

Aly: What was the first concert you ever attended?

Logan: Jason Aldean, in Georgia. He was opening for Rascal Flatts. 

Aly: My sister & I actually watched you on Claim to Fame & we saw that Jason Aldean is your cousin. 

Logan: Thanks we love Claim to Fame! 

Aly: What is one thing you can’t live without?

Logan: My phone. I feel like that’s everybody’s answer.

Aly: Have you gotten to try any of the restaurants here in Arizona yet?

Logan: No I haven’t, I’m open to suggestions!

Aly: I would say The Mission in Old Town is a great spot it is pretty close to here too. Or the Sugar Bowl if you want some good ice cream it’s been here since 1958.

Logan: Love that okay sounds good!

Aly: What was your favorite song to sing growing up? Maybe like karaoke, school talent show, putting on a show for your family.

Logan: Well I sang ‘Where is the love’ by the Black Eyed Peas, In the 5th grade talent show so probably that.

Aly: What is something that fans don’t know about you?

Logan: I feel like I’m pretty open with my fans. Maybe I like red wine.

Aly: What is the first instrument you learned to play:

Logan: Guitar.

Logan Crosby is very genuine. He even stopped to pose for photos with some fans who waited around while we did our interview. Logan is on his way to being a huge star in the country music industry. Logan’s single ‘Land’ comes out on November 10th & he will be joining Kameron Marlowe on the I Can Lie tour in 2024.

Interview: at Dreamy Draw Fest with Corey Harper

Corey Harper is an incredible singer & songwriter who refuses to be boxed into one genre. Corey makes alternative pop/folk/country/singer-songwriter music. Corey played Dreamy Draw on day 2 of the festival, & our interview was the day before. We continued to chat with Corey as we crossed paths during the festival & have to say not only is he crazy talented but also very authentic to who he is. His laid-back personality & kindness is refreshing. His set was amazing. You can stream his single ‘Emily’s Frown’ now & stay tuned for ‘My Innocence’ out on November 17th.

Aly: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with dead or alive?

Corey: That’s a good question, I’d have to say, Kacey Musgraves.

Aly: What is your go-to road trip snack when you’re out on the road?

Corey: Sometimes flaming hot Cheetos. A can of snuff frost will get me the miles I need to go. Sunflower seeds & a dill pickle. Oh & a Celsius!

Aly: What is a song you have on repeat right now?

Corey: ‘Stick Season’ by Noah Kahan. Big time. “I can prove it” he laughs while holding up his phone.

Aly: Have you got a chance to try any of the restaurants here in Scottsdale yet?

Corey: Not yet I literally just landed. I just played like 18 holes of golf and then I came here. 

Aly: What was the first concert you ever attended?

Corey: There was a band when I was really young called Jump Five & they did gymnastics. I saw them at my mall in Vancouver Washington when I was like 5 years old. They were this Christian gymnastics band & that’s my earliest memory of a concert.

Aly: What was your favorite song to sing growing up?

Corey: It was probably ‘Doctor My Eyes’ by Jackson Browne.

Aly: What is one thing you can’t live without?

Corey: My guitar!

Interview with The Senators

Hailing from Phoenix Arizona the indie/folk/rockers have a bright future ahead. We got to sit down & talk with the duo after their set. They played a great set & the crowd really enjoyed it. Quinn Scully & Jesse Teer do a great job of letting the music set the tone & I think that’s what makes them really special. They have this honesty & ability to come together as a band & connect with their audience. 

Aly: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with dead or alive?

Jesse: We were just talking about our favorite artists, working with the folks at ‘Big Thief’ would be really cool.

Quinn: I mean Steve Roach is an insane ambient artist who just has a wall of synthesizers, Maybe Steve Roach & I could do something crazy one day.

Aly: What is your go-to road trip snack when you’re out on the road?

Quinn: Jesse doesn’t eat when we’re on the road, he drinks black coffee he jokes. 

Jesse: I like those chili lime peanuts that you have

Quinn: When we’re out on the road I’ll bring a whole coffee set up and do a hard-boiled egg and some toast. I’d say my ultimate road trip snack would be a cup of black coffee.

Jesse: Probably wasabi almonds too, we’re pretty good about not eating a lot of junk food on the road because honestly if we do you end up feeling sick when you get to where you need to go.

Aly: what is one thing you guys can’t live without?

Jesse: I have a two-year-old & a six year old so that’s my answer.

Quinn: Can’t live out my family, my people.

Jesse: and good music.

Aly: What is something you guys want your fans to know?

Quinn: The name of the senators, there’s not a lot of meaning behind it. We didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just the name.

Jesse: We always get that question. We came up with it a long time ago when we were just starting out. Also, we appreciate any time somebody streams or shares.

Aly: What was the first concert you guys ever attended?

Quinn: I saw widespread panic when I was like two years old, I saw a lot of concerts growing up my family owned a music venue. The first concert I ever actively went to, begged for tickets was ‘The Black Eyed Peas’ with Fergie. ‘LMFAO’ & ‘Ludacris’ were the openers. 

Jesse: Jimmy Eat World.

Aly: Having been in Arizona quite a while, what would you guys say your favorite restaurant is?

Quinn: Tumerico in Tucson. The vegan tacos are delicious. Just a full hearty meal & greasy taco fix but feel amazing after you eat it.

Jesse: For me, it’s Pizzeria Bianco, such great food & Chris Bianco is a great dude. 

Aly:  What was your guys’ favorite song to sing growing up?

Jesse: I’m not sure about my favorite but before my brothers & I were ever playing real instruments, we watched something like the California Raisins playing Motown songs. My brothers & I made cardboard cut-out guitars & we’d be singing the temptations.

Quinn: Lenny Kravitz Fly Away. But put on “I love Rock N Roll’ any time & I’m in.

Aly: What is the first instrument you both learned to play?

Quinn: I learned how to play the drums first.

Jesse: Cello. My family had me stick to piano lessons too.

Aly: What would you tell your younger selves?

Quinn: Don’t worry It’s all going to work out.

Jesse: I’d probably teleport to when I was 15 years old, writing music & telling myself I’m writing the wrong kind of music & to start writing the kind of music I make now.

It was great talking with The Senators to stream their music and stay tuned for upcoming shows!

Luke Grimes is completely multitalented. The Yellowstone star is also a country music superstar. Luke’s debut country song hit number 7 on the Top Country Songs Sales Chart. Luke Grimes tells us that he is “musically influenced by the highwaymen including Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, & Johnny Cash. As well as Merle Haggard.” Luke Grimes is a true cowboy both on screen & off. Luke is very kind and down to earth. When Luke stepped foot on the stampede stage at Dreamy Draw everyone was in awe of his lyrical truth & fantastic singing capabilities, the crowd went crazy for him.

Hailey Whitters is climbing the country music charts. She was nominated for New Artist of the Year at the 57th annual CMA Awards & she is absolutely crushing it! Hailey has already won the title of New Female Artist of the Year at this year’s ACM awards. Her song ‘Everything She Ain’t’ went platinum certified. Hailey is on the road to becoming one of country music’s biggest names & she’s also already toured with some of them such as Dierks Bentley, Shania Twain, Luke Bryan, & Eric Church. Her latest EP ‘I’m in Love’ was most added to country radio. Still amongst all of these great achievements, she is still so down to earth & sweet. We got to spend some time with her backstage & even in her busyness she still was beaming with complete joy. 

Midland’s debut album ‘On The Rocks’ was named 2017’s best Country Album by the Washington Post. Their two-time platinum-certified song ‘Drinkin Problem’ got Midland their first Grammy nomination as Best Country Song, & Best Country Group Performance. ’Let It Roll’ earned the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Country sales chart.  In 2018 the group was named the ‘New Vocal Group Of The Year’ by the ACM Awards. Midland has been trailblazing its way onto the charts & playing shows on tour, where they’ve also had fellow dreamy draw performer Hailey Whitters on the road with them on tour. Midland has already achieved so much & we are excited to say that they have a lot more to come with music & tours! They played an amazing show at Dreamy Draw on the Bronco Stage as the headliners. They really left it all out there on the stage & gave the crowd their all. Midland has an amazing stage presence, the trio takes turns in each section belting out their melodies & shredding on the guitar. The audience packed the MainStage & everyone sang along to Midland’s hits! It’s safe to say they killed their set. We had the pleasure of getting to chat with Midland and congratulate them on their success & they were nothing short of grateful and humble.

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