Brenda McNair: The Queen of Coffee

Meet Brenda the Queen of Coffee. She is the founder of Hidden Hills Coffee. A coffee company that is much more than just coffee. Brenda was awarded the stamp of approval as an affiliate by the best & oldest Espresso maker in the world, De’longhi. Hidden Hills Coffee was also a part of the incredible Oscars gifting suite.

One day, Brenda noticed that every time she would sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee, the coffee was stale. After some very thorough research, McNair stumbled upon The Inside Edition Report discussing how beans that are decades old are being sold to the U.S. and used in your coffee. Hidden Hills Coffee does things differently. Brenda and her team roast the beans the day you order them. At Hidden Hills, your coffee is grounded to your specifications: Whole bean, Espresso, Coarse, and Standard.

McNair, the founder of Hidden Hills Coffee, started the company to provide the freshest & highest quality to consumers. Hidden Hills Coffee is all-natural, vegan, organic, and gluten-free. With no additional sugar. While being ethically sourced. Produced in small batches in an FDA-approved distributor, ensuring fresh and quality coffee.

Customers of Hidden Hills Coffee appreciate the personal experience that Brenda has created. They can even take a quiz on the company’s website to find their preferred coffee flavor. The aroma of the coffee is so fresh that it is inviting even before opening the box, making it feel like a personal present. The dedication to quality and freshness has not gone unnoticed, even a postal delivery service worker was impressed by the amazing smell of the coffee and enjoyed the delicious aroma all day, they were gifted a bag by the customer who ordered it and the postal worker also loved it.

Hidden Hills Coffee is not just about providing a beverage, but about creating a unique and delightful experience for coffee lovers. Brenda’s love for coffee started at the early age of 6 years old making decaf for her great grandmother & regular coffee for her mother. So when Brenda created her coffee, she had those special memories with her family in mind. To make coffee taste better. Which is exactly what she has done in the coffee industry with Hidden Hills Coffee.

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