Dining Redefined: 3rd Base LA

– Danica Serena Stockton

Shyon Keoppel, co-owner of 3rd Base LA Restaurant, gives us insight on the evolution of dining during the pandemic. Keoppel describes the restaurant prior to Covid-19 as, “operating at full capacity and doing really well! Each month was record-breaking.” Even though 3rd Base LA had only been open for approximately three or four months prior to shutdowns, the restaurant was exceeding its projections by a landslide. The business was bustling.

The shutdowns broke the momentum of business as restaurants were continuously required to shut down, then given the option to re-open, and required to shut down again. With state and federal guidelines changing day-to-day, a real challenge presented itself to the hospitality and dining industries. Keoppel expresses the difficulty of operating under such circumstances. “[When we close], we have to throw away all of the food. [When re-opening], we have to reorder food and rehire staff.”

In order to satisfy requirements imposed on dining establishments, Keoppel expresses that 3rd Base LA “obtained more parking spaces outside and made them into a patio” seating area. The atmosphere of the establishment was geared more towards the nightlife, bottle service, and sports bar demographic. Keoppel describes 3rd Base LA as “more of a party with solid food quality [prior to the pandemic]. Now we have a calmer atmosphere focused on [upscale] food and cocktails.”

3rd Base LA has made several changes to its operations in order to accommodate staff and patrons while keeping them safe. Keoppel explains, “With all the guidelines, [our] staff has to wear face masks and face shields. We have to sanitize the building daily to keep patrons and staff safe.” He says of 3rd Base LA employees, “they have adapted pretty quick. People need jobs and our staff is happy with what we are working with, especially with the new patio seating.”

Many former dining patrons have been dining only at home due to the pandemic. Co-owner, Shyon Keoppel encourages them, “to get out and to look for restaurant operators that are following guidelines for social distancing, sanitizing, and mask requirements. If they don’t see that, try a different place that is abiding by the guidelines. Help the economy by giving establishments that are following requirements a chance.”

To learn more, you can visit 3rd Base LA in person, located off of Cahuenga Blvd and Selma Ave. You can also visit their website, 3rdbasela.com, and their Instagram, @3rdbasela.

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