Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shyon Keoppel

– By Danica Serena Stockton

Shyon Keoppel began his career in entrepreneurship and investments in his hometown in Oklahoma. A deficit in subprime lending to borrowers with less than ideal credit inspired him to step in on projects with potential but little to no funding. At 19 years old, he founded his first company and has not slowed down since. He relocated to LA in order to expand his reach and develop larger brands in the hospitality field.

Initially, the relocation was high risk. Keoppel had to fulfill the relocation costs while turning down smaller opportunities in Oklahoma to prioritize larger opportunities in Los Angeles. The pay off was certainly worth it. He now operates both of his investment companies, SK Venture Group and Millennial Capital Group, seamlessly with a supportive team to back his needs and the needs of his partners. Keoppel saw the potential for accelerated growth by seizing higher-level opportunities in a larger city, and we are certainly glad he took the leap.

Keoppel stays in communication with his office staff, partners, and potential partners to keep project development on track. The ongoing journey of discovering new ideas and pairing them with the real estate and funding needed to bring them to fruition is one of Keoppel’s greatest rewards. He emphasizes the importance of keeping his team happy and explains, “One sour employee or dissatisfied partner could bring everything down.” Therefore, it is essential “to keep everyone happy and good energy rolling” throughout the entire process. Ultimately, he says of his partners and staff, “If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

When asked for his greatest tips for success, Keoppel shares, “to concentrate on one thing, work hard on one venture, and finish it.” He cautions not to start multiple projects with partial commitment, but instead to “be passionate about the idea you have and execute it to the finish line.” Once that happens, that is the right time to take the proceeds from a finished project to reinvest in a new one and start the process again.

With the home office still being located in Oklahoma, and his physical presence reaching larger cities, Shyon Keoppel has created a national powerhouse in the investment field and hospitality industry. Many of the dining and entertainment brands that we love and enjoy would not have been possible without SK Venture and Millennial Capital Group’s involvement.

To learn more about Shyon and his company, please visit skventuregroup.com

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