HIP SIPS: New Premium Spirits

With a plethora of new premium spirits on the market, these hot up-and-comers are standouts that can be found on the most prestigious shelves and menus in town.

Frey Ranch Distillery Single Barrel Rye

Officially launched last September, this limited edition, double platinum release set a new record when two barrels sold out in 60 minutes at its informal launch last May on World Whisky Day. The new Single Barrel Rye maintains a smooth, complex flavor that distinguishes it from the pepper-forward flavor profile that many ryes are known for. $99 for 750 ml, freyranch.com

Khee 38 Premium Soju

Founded by fashion designer, philanthropist, and restaurateur, Eva Chow, this Korean distilled liquor is brewed in the most traditional method using only the finest rice and natural rock water with no sugar or any additives. Created and directed by Eva Chow, KHEE(氣) —
meaning “energy” in Korean—connects with her philosophy of believing in good energy. KHEE is derived from Eva’s Korean name “HEE” and middle initial “K” to form KHEE.  $69 for 750 ml, kheesoju.com

El Cristiano XR Tequila

Unparalleled quality is the mantra for El Cristiano, a dream collaboration between wine and liquor industry experts, savvy entrepreneurs and award-winning Maestros Tequileros. The collection of meticulously handcrafted and additive-free tequilas recently released the XR, a blend of extra aged Reposado with their 8-year extra Anejo, to forge an unrivaled new category that will please the most discerning connoisseurs. $110 for 750 ml, el-cristiano.com

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